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Dearest Mark Hamilton,
I have just been reinstated by Yahoo.  I can now send mail from my account.
I am so………..grateful.

Hey, Mark, I need help in another issue.  I need you in the next lives thereafter in human form to watch after me.  I need in all our next lives (reincarnation), to be unconditionally loved and to be nourished emotionally deep.  I also want to look extremely beautiful — like a Goddess inside and out perfect in every way, having my health, and being very financially wealthy from my family, and much protection for myself, family, and close friends.  

In this life, Mark, I was so……verbally abused.  That set the tone for a spiral downward in my life.  Like I said, in prior email thank GOD for you and Jesus in my life.  

I want to have you in my life.  I love you deeply in the deepest religious soul and mind way.  I know you are with me.  I hear you talking wonderful, positive things to me:  ex:  “You will be restored”.  And then I experience visions which are lovely and light a lot of light.  This is incredible.

I want to meet you.  I want to embrace the Neothinker in you.

I am very very very…………………….grateful to you.

I need to know in what way I can help you — if you need it.  I will do my very best in helping you.  

And, Mark, I hope to see you run in the elections in 2012.  I will support you.
Love, Beth