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Personal Testimonial From Gary Charles T. for the Neothink Society
First let me say, Neothink, simply means “New Thinking” or taking a new approach in one’s thoughts to the world around us. It is the exact Opposite of what people call a “Cult”. In fact, it has nothing to do with religious doctrine whatsoever. Before you cast ANY Judgment about what you think or what the press or anyone else has told you, you really need to understand what Neothink and the members of the Society are all about.
I want to share some of my understanding and benefits with you about Neothink and brief words about the Founder. Neothink is a fresh examination of what a person is able to understand with no bias, opinion or coercion in ones thoughts. To uncover one’s True potential from one’s own perspective, not from others opinions or doctrines they believe. I once had a professor in college who shared a thought with me that I have not been able to shake my entire life and that thought is “If You Believe It, its true”.
I personally have looked at life and how our Society has changed in America, I’ve watched Countless people believe in Corporate America only to see them lose their jobs. Jobs were not as important as usurping maximum profits from their companies at the value creating employees peril of job Loss to China. This is just one example of how believing something is true does not make it in reality True. As human development has progressed through Mankind’s History, It has become clear many hundreds of thousands of people have been usurped by religion and by political leaders who sent them to death, the ultimate price one pays. Just look at the Christian’s Crusades, many people were thrown to the lions, too many Men died in battles for the sake of their leaders. This is historical Fact, no one can argue with. So then, as people have become More enlightened, come to value their lives, our life spans have Increased, our ability to share knowledge and contribute to The quality of each other’s lives and our ability to understand The world we live in better each day our country” America” Was born. America, the beacon of “Freedom” throughout The world, the birthplace of the “individual’s rights”. It has Now also become apparent as evidenced that after 200 years of freedoms that their many in our society who are interested in themselves to the point of putting our country in jeopardy. The crash of the economy and the fact that the people who Control money control our Society. There are many wealthy People who are exceptions to the Greed so prevalent in our society, but there are many, many more who continue to usurp power and control over what the vast majority of regular Americans Are able to do. Just look at the Credit Card Industry, they get People hooked on their cards knowing full well that 80% of their card holders will not be able to pay their balances off. Everyone and will run up debt upon which the Card Issuers Can slap massive interest rates, fees and penalties on and Legally steal the wealth from the vast majority of card holders. So what does this have to do with Neothink? Neothink is once Again an opportunity to create for oneself a new way of thinking. That allows one to see clearly that there is another way to View life and its possibilities. That through creating honest Values that mean something to our fellow humans we can Move forward to the next level of understanding Enlightenment for all Humankind. Just as in history ancient Man worshiped gods created by leaders of society then, until Knowledge and understanding spread to cause man to invent Science to begin to prove or disprove beliefs, we as Mankind Are on the verge of taking Our Consciousness and Understanding To a new level of understanding. This new level of understanding will allow everyone in our Human Society to benefit, not just the privileged few who now control most of what allows the majority of us to be capable of doing; Neothink is a new Vehicle for all mankind to move the Human Endeavor of “Consciousness Life” forward. For our ability as a species to “Think”, Reflect and make choices is unique in the Universe we know, and it is that ability that is so precious to us. We must move forward to preserve our loved ones and all the Knowledge, love and understanding our consciousness gives us. To that end the preservation of all that makes who we are. A footnote about the founder of Neothink, Mark Hamilton. Mark is certainly one of the most selfless Human Beings of Our time. He has spent decades of his life, in fact devoted Himself to the betterment of the human condition through His writings. They are truthful, as they have examined what has happened in our history as humans, and the writings give us a fresh, new ability to think on new and exciting Levels. The only people who will not want to understand This about what Mark has written are the people in positions Of power that will feel threaten that the playing field for All Men and Women can be leveled for all of Society. The Twelve Visions Party, Mark’s creation is the vehicle that will assist us on the ultimate life preserving Journey. I for one, as free thinking individual welcome the opportunities that lie ahead for all of mankind with Neothink, Please, Keep an open mind and join us in this journey, no one will be left behind.