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Hanna H.
I have been with Neothink for the last 1 1/2 years. What an exciting journey!
For the first time in my long life it gives me everything to look forward to.
Most of all it became clear to me that all people in this country -even the poor- and all people on our planet can and should have a healthy, prosperous and rich life -on all levels- with no interference from all controlling groups.
Over the years my research got me into several directions. It never satisfied me. I either had someone else tell me what to do, or/and follow like a sheep. Even if I did all this and got to their higher level: what about all the other people??
Here with the Twelve Vision Party all are in it. Mark Hamilton is very passionate about this.
We are not followers, we are conscious human beings creating values for others and ourselves.
For the first time in my life I feel this should be our BIRTH RIGHT.
These are some of the reasons I want the NEOTHINK Society with the help of the TVP become reality for me, my family and this world.
If the controlling forces: government, etc., shuts down Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP, we will fall back into the life we have known for nearly 3000 years, unhappy and unfulfilled.
Well, I am only 66 and sure that I will see with all of you this beautiful society, thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink and TVP.
Thank you for visiting this site and informing yourself.
Mahalo, Hanna


Before I was introduced to Neothink I was a wandering sheep, my thinking has change so much that now my life is moving in a different direction there was so much knowledge in those three heirloom books my wisdom and knowledge went to a different, Mr. Mark Hamilton I really like the fact that you are the only person on planet earth who is willing to take this step to free us from this oppression and this out side authority who is always telling us what to do and how to live our lives I dream of the day when we are free from these parasites I will travel with you on this journey to the end because my future and my family future is depending on it your way is the only way and you will succeed i wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Best wishes



Neothink and the literature has cleared the cob webs of my mind . To a better understanding of why people and governments do what they do. I am no longer supertisish I can read and see circumstances as they really are. The world is filled with 3000 year old mindset of not thinking for ones self and blindingly following the leaders like sheep. My experience with the literature and concepts has shown me how important it is to develop self leadership and think and act for my self . I have also learned alot about how the brain functions and how Neothink and neothink has made a major break through in my life and circumstances.
More importantly the literature speaks to the inner child in us all.
Live Life With Passion


To Whom It May Concern:

Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society came into my life about 4 years ago when I received a piece of mail with some interesting information enclosed.  I chose to request more information and over the past 4 years I have received so much enjoyment and helpful training from the information I have received.  Mark Hamilton is a selfless and visionary thinker with the concept of a better life for everyone throughout the world. 

Anyone who is reading otherwise is being misled and that most likely is coming from covert sources within our own government.  Most of these people who want to keep us “like sheep….just go on with things as they are….don’t rock the boat”, but I think most of you reading and checking out Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and the TVP (Twelve Visions Party) will quickly realize that the people you want to watch out for are those in our own government that have been pretty much just watching out for their own interests (not the public), and doing what they can to discredit anyone who brings up new information or presents a new and better way to live.

I have had my eyes opened so wide over the past few years and I have come to realized how much I have depended on a government that is not watching out for me.  I learned that I need to watch out for myself and find a better way to live this precious life I have.

I highly recommend you don’t listen to the people who are trying to “badmouth” or “discredit” Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.  I suggest instead you do some research and find out how awesome the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton are.  The visions for a new and better world are fantastic and hard to believe, but they are possible and millions of us are working for this change.  It is coming!  I just hope you join us, and share the fun and excitement of making it happen!

Best Wishes to all, and to a fabulous new future!




Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party, I can now look forward to the future of the USA.  It seems to be obvious that our elected officials can no longer think for themselves, and just follow the leader (the sheep syndrome).  When politicians only vote their parties line, it is time to vote them out.  I do believe the TVP will bring forth candidates that think for themselves and make decisions based on the good of America.  However I will do as Mark Hamilton has taught me to do.  I will look at all candidates and vote for the one I think will do the best job to make America great again.   Thank you Mark Hamilton and the TVP.

Dave L