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Thanks to the Neothink Society I am coming out of my “shyness shell” and experiencing a better life.
I am gaining valuable friends that I did not have before becoming a member.
I am learning more now than I have in the past.
I am also more productive with projects and accomplish them in less time with less stress.
I am dealing with problems now easier and with less trouble.
I am no longer being ripped off by scams because I now see through to the truth.
As I see reality more clearly, my life is becoming more fun and exciting!
Ralph H. Merritt


When I was first introduced to the Neothink Society and mark Hamilton, I was a bit skeptic. But after reading the three multigenerational manuscripts, I realized I wasn’t alone in the way I perceived the world. Human compassion for one another, (or lack thereof!!). I have always felt out of place. I felt I belonged in another time, because I just didn’t fit in! Not because people didn’t like me; NO; I’m a very friendly, compassionate, sensitive person. I didn’t fit, because I didn’t like the way people treat one another! I practically became a hermit.
With what I am learning from the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton. I am coming out of my shell, and becoming the person I always knew I should be. Some things I need to work on, can be really hard! But I noticed, a lot comes to me naturally.
I have seen the future thru the TVP. This is the way the world Should be. With all the Love, Compassion, Honesty, Freedom, and Life.
Silencing Mark Hamilton will only make me realize even more, that we have no freedoms in this world. I cherish everything this man has made known to me. For the wisdom to pass on. So we can all be really free to soar!!



i have been a member Neothink for thirty years it has changed my life for ever it is the best thing you can do for your self and your family and you fellow man and woman i order too see through this world the way we should see this world you haft too be open too a different way of seeing things you trust your thoughts too make sense out of something but you will not see the forest through the trees until you step out of your own shell and realize you don’t know or can see things in another light or different thought i hope I’m getting through too all the negative people that don’t understand how great the society truly is and will be forever when we get the ball rolling on the twelve visions party and the rest will fall into place so stop the hate and start changing the way you see us please , love and peace steve, langridge chicago il.