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Hello, Mark–I am so glad to have received your books. They have changed the way I think towards government, city, county, state and federal. It has also changed the way I live my life. I have finally gotten the courage to begin my own small business, which my husband thinks is a total waste of time and money, especially if the money is not being used on what he wants to spend it on! But, this is my life and I decide how to live it, thanks to reading all three volumes I bought from you. I also see the potential for the future, a future where everyone can be self-supporting, financially independent and happy, thanks to the Neothink Society!



Thank you for writing Neothink while I was in Jamaica I read your book there I became a man without a country, I removed the negative people from my life and business an started to think like a company-without-a-company/without-a-country.I started a mini-company where i help friends get into business they do the work yet I still make money off of them they were happy to do the work an pay me. When big goverment is out of control they must start to control all business”goverment bailout” this way they hav a say on what you must do. If small business was to put people to work an they were happy to work for there pay then the businesses would not need to be bailed out but because of greed in business and goverment people or not happy at work that is why we need Neothink thinking is needed. gerald “hammer” rachal thank you for the insight.