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I learned of Mark Hamilton two years ago. Since then I have read His books, they have help me very much. I’m 67 years young. I’m self educated. My interest are not just one thing. It is everything in the universe. My magazines are; Astronomy, CAR and DRIVER, Smithsonian, Time, Electronic PRODUCTS. I do a lot of reading on the Internet. One thing I really love reading about is James J Hill. He built the Railrods up north, going to Seatle Area. He did not stop there, He had a fleet of ships that went to Japan and Chine at the turn of the century (1900). If it wasn’t for Mark, I would never have known about Him and other great Americans. Yes Mark, I’m VERY PROUD TO KNOW YOU. Yes, You are my MENTOR. I have known about religion for a very long time. Mark has brought REALITY to what I already know.