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Life is a Party – The Twelve Visions Party
I think this government now means freedom loss of ” We the people”! Our 1st amendment rights now are under attack here by the socialist and progressives or if you would communism. This present admin. does not care the people. Neothink gives a person freedom of think positive!
James A. Akers
Mother (Ida Hohweiler) germany desent (Hohweiler farmers in Russia in 1773)


Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton
Your writings have moved me through some very difficult times. First in Michigan’s socialist corruption and now the national and California corrupt boondoggles. When times are bad such as now the honest methods of dealing with life as espoused by yourself lead me through, head up and ready for all comers. The age old problem of governments and social engineering stealing the life and free will of the free born continues.
Please continue your fine work. I pray that we will regain our freedom to choose our associations and that more people will exercise that freedom.
James Burge ( 60 year old plumber, father, Vietnam vet, Freedom Lover)