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The Twelve Visions Party is greatly needed here in Alaska. As I go about my life I have observed on a daily basis the look of hopelessness and despair on the faces of the psychologically asleep people I come in contact with on the bus commuting to and from work; the homeless people standing on the street corners holding up signs; when standing in line at the post office, grocery store, Wal-Mart, the bank and fast-food restaurants. Right now, our newly elected mayor is making the issue of the homeless one of his top 5 priorities.
There was a time I experienced depression, hated coming to work, and got sick a lot because my job was making me “sick.” I grew tired of my current job, but didn’t want to apply for another job because I came to realize that it wasn’t “the job itself” that was depressing and making me sick. It was the whole idea of “working for an employer – working for someone else” that was making me depressed and sick. I wanted something else, something more. I tried a number of home-based businesses that didn’t work. Then one day something wonderful, something magical happened…
Neothink entered my life and like magic my depression went away. So now when I go to work I feel good knowing that I have found something better, something higher. For it is through Neothink that I am learning how to apply the Law of Attraction and will:
1. achieve the excellent health I crave via the best nutritional supplements Electric Life
2. achieve financial success and freedom from working for another via The Global Information Network
3. meet my soul mate
Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party and bringing their message to the world.
Melanie P


Dear Mark Hamilton!
Thank you for changing my life!!!
When I first received your letter, I was engulfed by stagnation, a sense of hopelessness concerning my future and my ignorance to search for the truth at the light of a tunnel just one more time. Yet, there still was a burning desire deep within me, yearning for the life yet not lived, the unspeakable truth behind all the suffering I had experienced throughout my life and also the suffering that I had felt and seen within other people near and dear to me and also on a much larger scale. I often longed for a way out to break the pattern of a somehow broken system and world.
I did not seem to have the right knowledge or tools or support, no matter how much I tried as a single woman (for most of my life) in a world of ignorance, control and regulations. I could not reach that brilliant star, it always seemed to escape me, like an illusion on the way to success and happiness, or it would become or transform into the seemingly “unreachable” star over and over again. I often looked at the larger picture helpless, when my thoughts went beyond the confinement of one person, one city, and one country. The interest or disinterest of one nation often felt restrictive, keeping me in my box, in confinement. Year after year in spite of the freedoms promised by our forefathers in the land of the free…
So I became dissolution many times in trying to understand myself and the world around and finally became a compliant citizen (mentally), trying my best to stay above water through all those turbulent as well as “unconscious” times and years.. Yet not really living the life of my dreams, the life of the wealthy, the so called fortunate, not finding or even looking for the love of my life, my soul mate, not experiencing deep happiness and passion and exhilaration and bliss and contentment to the fullest in part due to many creative forces still laying dormant in my unconscious, also due to missed opportunities and in giving up on my dreams often prematurely.
Yes, I tried to tap into those feelings and bring them into reality, but often allowed discouraging interruptions and circumstances interfere and often not fully understanding the full potential of such creative forces! Also never knowing and receiving the continues support of a Society of like-minded people!
Yes I had tried other avenues and systems, listened to and followed other “gurus” and still finding myself in the end unfulfilled and very much alone… still searching… sometimes feeling like I was displaced on an island…Always searching for something within or something or someone out there, not reachable somehow and often in the end to find myself succumb to the illusions of a world of false ideals and promises.
Then in March of 2007 I received a letter in the mail. It looked like an airmail letter from Germany. After opening I felt like I was suddenly struck by lightning. Here was the answer to my long lost prayers, here was the invitation to the life yet not lived. The recognition that I was special, which I had somehow known and felt all my life was confirmed. I read the letter over and over in disbelieve. I felt like a special gift was given to me by somebody who seemed to know something special and intimate about me.
Mark Hamilton and his literature have changed my life for the better. He has some fantastic ideas and presents them lucidly. I have effortlessly stopped some of my bad habits. I have other plans set up for my improvement. I just have to incorporate them into my life. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m getting there and Mark has given me hope and I feel my life becoming more rational and prosperous.
Since I was a child, I felt my life was not as I had dreamed. My life was as if someone had planned ahead for me like a good road map to follow to the end of the trip.I had to get an education to make a honest living, find a job to became a good citizen, find a wife, have some children, grand children, be happy then get old and wait for my golden age to enjoy the rest of my life to the fullest. Unfortunately, at this time in my life we all get sick and then die. What a sad ending to see someone who you love so much be taken away at an early age. No more celebration with this person ever again. In my dream I saw myself to have a romantic love affair, live happy and prosperous and, most of all, l wanted a to live forever so that I didn’t had to morn anybody else in my life. I wanted to find a better solution to this maddens. I searched for it In my country were I was born but I couldn’t find my answers .So when I was 16 years old I left Italy and went to work in England then Switzerland And later on in, USA and Canada. Every were I asked the wisest people to answer my questions same thing happens here as well ,take life on faith and be happy. I was getting discouraged waiting for so long to find what I was looking for .I am now 66 years old, and about 10 years ago I got a letter from Mark Hamilton telling me about The Neothink secret society in this world working constantly to let people like me know how special I was. And all my questions were to be answered. all my dreams fulfilled .I become to live again with my visions of living happy prosperous life this is fantastic prospect to preserve my life indefinitely. thank you very much Mark Hamilton You have my heart and my soul and a desire to follow you on this wonderful joinery.
Gino G


Yesterday I had a remarkable experience. I met a strikingly beautiful woman on Facebook who was looking for help in one of my areas of specialty. I spent a few minutes helping her with her difficulty. As I helped her I just enjoyed this nice feeling of being attracted to wonderful and beautiful woman. For the first time in my life I had the confidence to come straight out and tell about it; and miracle of miracles, SHE RECIPROCATED! She also found me attractive!

This was a very special experience for me! After we finished her project, I sat back and just enjoyed those sweet feelings.

The Multigenerational Manuscripts DO contain the secret to Exciting Romantic Love! I can hardly believe that it worked, just like Mark Hamilton said it would!

Thank you for these WONDERFUL FEELINGS!
That could be the whole story, but there is even more.

We are both married, and not to each other. What I found most remarkable is that the second part of the concepts related to romantic relations in the Multigenerational Manuscripts was ALSO right on:

These good feelings that I shared with a total stranger actually made me LOVE my WIFE even more! The incredible boost in confidence that this encounter inspired within me was not given over to promiscuous fantasies – it was enjoyed for what it was: an expression of attraction and affinity between two honest value creators – and then the rational techniques contained within Mark Hamilton’s literature were used – and suddenly I saw how to make the most of these wonderful feelings. I used them to fuel the fire of my primary love relationship: The incredible relationship I have with my wife and eternal soul mate! I reflected on the same qualities that I was REMINDED OF in this facebook interaction that my Wife also shares. It was exciting to see that I can turn EVERY ATTRACTION I FEEL into a powerful tool for heightening my Love Relationship with my Wife!

These Concepts really do provide for the most fulfilling, stimulating, and exciting Romantic Love Relationships possible!


Yon Cole