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This is an open letter to all seekers of a better way. A better way in this life-time for the here and now! My whole life has been searching for that better and more complete life. Understanding that this life is more than the daily struggles to exist on this planet for how many years…and in the end…be sitting in one of those retirement homes for the impaired and aging. I have seen those homes…, my grandmother was in one of them…, and it shortened her life…as it shortens any who enter those depressing doors.
Is this what we all struggle for so long…only to end up empty handed and empty hearted…and spiritually demoralized?
Well…it doesn’t have to become that way…to change for the better using the Neo-Think method. And that it all comes down to a methodology or road-map to climb those stairs towards greater awareness and understanding. I have spent most of my life searching for a way out of this sorry situation…and after number hits and misses. I thought I found it in Buddhism…but after nearly 20 years studying and practicing. I found that somehow it failed in making any real changes…in the direction I wanted.
By chance…(nothing by the way is by change…!); I found Neo-Think…or rather Neo-Think found me. What is it that saying…that which you seek…is seeking you!
I have found the true path to happiness that we all seeking…whether we know it or not!
May your path be found as well…towards that greater understanding…happiness, health and purpose!