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THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!! STAY OUT OF DEALLASS OOps Dallas and you should be fine I think if you [we] start passing around the news as I have done [word of mouth] the movement will be stronger and more believable You have a divine concept all around Please don’t let money or anything else stand in the way of your dream And I mean NOTHING Keep Positive 100% think of your father and the vision Avoid negative at all costs ALL COSTS Let NOTHING stand in the way of this [your] dream that you have founded You will note that on the internet there is a totally different Constitution then what I learned in his I believe the Constitution changes that have been unlawfully [according to the real Constitution of the 13 original United states] is the beginning or focal point we need to unveil @#^%*! Dallas Begin with reality The working people of the America they believe to be a part of You have my backing 100+% I live on a small island and i will have spread the word by mouth across the entire island soon! Then I want to organize – believers or nonbelievers Is that do able?

Self esteem! creativity I didn’t know I had. Because with Mark Hamilton you read and study and the knowledge of creating something just opens up in your mind. And you focus and study more of his books, because they give you step by step guidance to becoming the person you were meant to be. His lectures teach you that you are more value than you ever thought you were. And I thought of what was going on in my life, that there is a way to help out. So I sent a email to someone and told them about this situation they had mentioned, with these state workers acting like they have power over on someone  just because they are supervisor or boss. That is a bad influence on me because I know something better, and I didn’t tell them what either. I saw through the illusion and saw what is and came up with a Neothink puzzle and saw a lawsuit up ahead. That these people are influenced by trying to hinder and control every thing and everybody. One worker , every time she look up and see me, she would say hey! Myrle are you going to the file room? and  I would say no Im doing something for( so in so) and she would get an attitude and say well when you get finished will you take this to the file room? and I would say nothing because I am not there for her. And one time we got in an argument, but she said nothing. And this was the time when she called me and said take this to the file room and pointed to one that was on the floor, and I said now you gonna have to pick it up. And excuse me for saying, but I went off because I got the impression she trying to say I’m her slave that big old googly-eyed giant of a woman. So I thought f the S.O.S secrets and put together a Neothink puzzle And I was coming up with ideas. I came up with who right there. is there in the FDA that is a medical doctor? for them to stop medicine  from coming over here that can cure and heal people, that is a mile practice suit. And this is the land of the American dream, and they should grant those people u.s. citizen ship. And the ones that are already over here give the u.s. citizenship to them, so they can pursue their dream, because some of these over here take it for granted. And I said the people who are talking about their medicare, give it to them. And someone mentioned about insolvent banks? give it to them also, and the government should be for protection only, and not try to hinder and control everything and everybody. And the people in prison overseas should be tried over here and attend the work shop that Im a member of and build a company without a company an that is their friday night essence. And on the news a spoke person said the united states is in the lead and they want other countries to follow. And I was so excited, i knew this is the physical movement and the primary law, and the power generator. I did  not mention Mr. Hamiltons name I did what I supposed to do by emailing some one to get this going. And I hoped Mr. Hamilton and the society would recognize their philosophy and knew it has to be one of their members, because who else would it be? Three dots and three dashes a S.O.S call. I give thanks to the higher realm, to give people away to go and turn to in order to get out of a rut. To see through the illusion. And the spoke person said on tv dont invest in something that’s a hindence. And one day at work I heard a worker yelling at another worker saying you supposed  to protect them, this is for protection only.

I have been introduce to Neothink Society & Mark Hamilton Two (2) years now, Mark Hamilton literature as empower me with a new way of thinking to see things what they truly are and not by what it appears to be, deep down in my Soul as a young boy i always know within myself that there’s more to life than what was thought to me as a Child, over the years growing up i was thought good morals and attitude ,but not the way i was meant to live. I grow up where society tells us how to live from my early days in school, the Twelve Visions Party is not here to Break down what is already built but to improve it make it better for all Mankind without any suppression of our lives but to uplift us as individuals and to ensure that our individual rights and life being protected and respected. I am therefore taking this opportunity by thanking Mark Hamilton for being the type of person that he his, now i can sincerely say that i can speak for myself without fear as i am seeing things much clearer now for what it is,

we must stand up for what we believe in The Neothink Society as thought me just that.

Mark Hamilton I thank you and your Father Mark Hamilton without him none of this would be possible .

Christopher G

East Hartford CT



Hello Mark,

I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I feel blessed to be a part of the Neothink Society and the TVP. I am so glad that I live in the greatest Country in the world, The United States of America, where Freedom of Speech is the greatest and most powerful right that we possess, and that same right gave you the power to write down and publish your thoughts and views so that anyone if they choose to can read them and learn how you feel and what you think about any subject. That is just amazing to me, when you stop and think about how many other people around the world don’t have this as a basic right.  
And In this day and age where it is very hard to trust, where lies and half truths come spewing from sources that we should be able to trust, and should be protecting us, we soon find out just the opposite. So who do you listen to? I say listen to your heart, listen to yourself. Listen to and read everything you can get your hands on, and when you start to get the whole story or the complete information, things become a lot easier to figure out.
With the information I have received from Neothink I feel a little safer and happier knowing that there are people out there with other plans, and that there might be a chance for some POSITIVE Hope and Change in the future instead of the hope and change that is going on right now, you know the hope and change where The Media lies to us and the Government spends the Nation into a 3rd World Country. They are really going to screw us if we don’t do something quick.
Sorry about the rant. I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot from this information and it is a definite eye opening experience, and I am very glad that I was lucky enough to stumble across this information and be able to be a part of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.

Thank you for believing in me and sharing with me this amazing information.
I am truly Grateful.

Jason F.