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Hello my name is Wyatt W! And I am a part of the Neothink Society. Before I joined the only thing that I had to look forward to was working until I was 70 years old hoping that one day I could retire and draw my $1,000 a month social security check, and that was about all that I had to look forward too. I work a hard 40 hours a week and have since I was 16 years old now that I am 37 years old I see that the economy has went down the crapper, you can’t trust the banking system, and as far as social security goes in ten years it will have to file for bankruptcy which is part of the government so who will bail them out. I will have created enough social security by that time to retire two or three people but I probably will not ever see a nickel of any of the money that I put into it.

It was not until I received your literature that I realized that there is no one that will be there or any money by the time that I do reach 70. I have realized that in order for me to ever retire I will have to count on me to be able to retire and no one else. Ask yourself this:  how many 70 year old people do you see working somewhere you probably know quite a few you see them working everywhere in Wal-Mart as door greeters, in McDonald’s taking orders…you will see quite a few of them and why is that they believed in a system. They worked their whole lives to be able to sit at home or travel when they are 70 years old.  They worked their whole lives, they believed in there system, they lived by the system. But when it came down to it, the system let the people down; the system turned its back and caved in on them.  A lot of them had good money that was in the stock market, in the banking system but when that went belly-up their $1,000 a month social security check could not pay the rent, put gas in the car, buy the groceries, even clothe them.

Now they have to spend the last few years of their lives keeping the system going that turned its back on them.  Now that $1,000 a month might be gone in the next 10 years now what they are going to have to get a second job to pay the bills again. Now for these people they were raised by the system and it has failed them.  I personally don’t want to be in their shoes.  For most it is too late I am still young and have many years to better plan for it.

With the literature that I received I believe in myself and will not get caught in the system. I learned how to venture out and to grasp for better things for myself and family.  I still work my 40 hours a week my job performance stands way beyond expectations. I have a decent life.  No, I am not rich money wise yet but I am working on it. I am rich with love and devotion in my spare time I do a lot of writing mainly children’s book one day I will get one published. I hold over 75 self-patents, probably have another 50 just jotted down in note books. What have I invented? My best would be my work on cure for Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADD, and AD/HD.  If it isn’t the cure it would be one of the biggest steps known to mankind in that direction. I have stuff that would build profit in many industrial corporations. I have contacted GM, Ford, International, Caterpillar, Hanes and Cann limited, NASA, and many other corporate giants of my stuff but without a patent then there is no money, and without money you cannot get a patent. I have done the numbers $1,200 dollars for publishing and close to $5,000 for a patent that is not a whole lot of money but when you survive off 40 hours a week it might as well be a million dollars because you are no closer to that than you are to a million dollars.

But soon I will figure out my way to make that money and then I will be like a train nothing will stop me. Putting out one patent and two books a month. The royalties alone will put me up there with Bill Gates, and I owe it all to the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton for showing me that I don’t have to live in that system that is so corrupt…a system that will keep letting us down.  And it really is not the system as much as it is the people that run it.  Mankind is powered by greed, and there is greed everywhere from the thief that steals so he doesn’t have to work to the guy that sells crack to the lawyer who looks at cases so he can make money to the banker that will give credit cards to people that cannot afford them to the accountant who embezzles money from the company.

The Neothink Society has done so much for me it has showed me how to look outside the box How to focus at what is at hand, how to expand my horiZons and to reach for my stars. Would I buy the books over I would pay 3 or 4 more times the money it has meant so much to me and my family.



  This is yet another confirmation that what you have passed onto the world is truth!

  Some time ago I presented my testimony but I just have to pass this information onto you.

  I began to work on my parents over the years who are 80 and 81 years young! Just since the 22nd of February, 2010 I came to their homes to begin a one-on-one work to balance them out and rid them of the clutches of the Neocheaters mind-set! Both are in good health, still drive and have active lifestyles! I did not attempt to lie to them nor did I attempt to stop their belief system. I only had them to perform the “what if” test, look at my life and use it as an example as to what they can do if they would stop listening to the third parties whether it be religion, health care, taxes, govt., economy, etc…! Instead of going to the preacher, go straight to God! Why pay for someone to practice on you when you can practice on yourself? Why stop investing if the stock market is still open? Etc….!

  During a supposedly recession, my mother is selling her home (at a good rate) and moving into a smaller home and investing her money!

   Because of the multiple vessels of Neocheaters concepts that has been in place for failure and death they had been on medication and they were not sick!

 Through simple juicing; blood pressure(through worry), achy joints, sluggish days, having chills and being cold from old age, etc…NO LONGER exists! This all took place less than an HOUR of drinking their first PARTIAL glass of fruits and vegetables! Just juicing and inspiration! I believe in results! This is not a concept in which Neothink will say nor have one to believe/think, “I got mine….to bad you did not get yours!, It is for everyone of all ages! My grandchildren are excelling and growing at a rapid rate! All of my grandchildren have become entrepreneurs on their own beginning at the age of eight, the oldest is now twelve!

  Everyone is upbeat, shining, prosperous and willing to help! Outsiders have questioned us! “Who are you?” No matter where one goes there is always a poor me! The times that I have meet a Neothinkers that is negative/down, he/she is not negative for long because they will receive nothing but unconditional LOVE, assistance from others! The millionaires, the no names, all have placed themselves on a reachable level to communicate, ask questions and provide answers.   

 I could go on and on but the key is, once one digest Neothink….so much begins to manifest that it is a shock! Initially the truth be told, I really did struggle with the reading of the 12 Visions! The magnitude of change is so great that sometimes it seems as if nothing happens, but it is! Yes, one will become emotional because pretty much all that we believe in is a LIE! Yes, one may lose a job, marriage…but you are not a failure and this is not the end of the road!

  Whether you read Neothink, TVP, the Federal laws, the Bible, change jobs, start a business….does not all of the above and more require you to CHANGE? Do not kill the messenger! Change is what disturbs most humans. My thoughts are to disturb change!

  I see friends, family, strangers, young and old change and grow in all areas of their lives! Tell me who, what do you know that has/is doing so much regardless of your age, sex, race or geographical location today? I Love me! I enjoy getting up in the mornings, I’m excited! I enjoy Life!

  Mark, I thank you!

 Just like you knew attacks, lies would come….you know all is well! I am in agreement with you and my fellow Neothink Visions! Their are no words to explain how grateful I am. Please know that your lose was not in vein. Just look at what you have gained.

Blessed to be a blessing…