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Hi Mark Hamilton,

My testimonial is that the Manuscripts I own continue to be very helpful to me on my journey through success and life as I pursue my dreams and goals.

Thank you for your time on this matter.


Bradley Koster



Mark  Hamilton’s Neothink and Twelve Visions Party is exactly what humanity needs.  Everyone who reads Mr. Hamilton’s work will realize they are more important and responsible then they ever thought.

The wisdom learned in Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party has depth and power to change any ones life for the better and others to, from their success.

Think of this:  If the creators of the Constitution were alive today they would be like Mr. Hamilton.

The creation of the Constitution, (if followed) is still better then the rest.  Do we read the Constitution and understand it.

Read and understand Neothink, Twelve Visions Party, and elevate your scope and broaden your view of what is before you, for success, and the journey through life with happy people making it a pleasant world to live in.

With Gratitude,   MJ



At first I was amazed to hear that there are organizations endeavoring to close down the Neothink movement, and then I got to thinking – there are a lot of ignorant idiots in this world.

Although I am a comparative new member, I can see the good work you and your team are doing by teaching people to think “outside the square “and inviting others to relate their experiences and how Neothink has helped them with their problems.

I am looking forward to The Twelve Visions Party and find it difficult to understand why anyone should try to block its success.

Why people try to discourage organizations from helping people to improve their standard of living and make them successful is beyond me.

I hope you can overcome this obstacle and continue with the good work you are doing

All the best


Ian M


How often have you wanted a chance to be heard? How little do you find that opportunity throughout your lifetime? When you were little and you were scolded or shunned for asking too many questions, did you just give up trying? Not so with the Neothink Society, founded by Mark Hamilton.

Come join us, be heard, show how smart you are and learn some more. Remember that pride you experienced when you “Just knew”? Feel it again! Come feel love, pride, and happiness once again! Then be part of the grass roots movement to ensure the success of the Twelve Visions Party as it brings The Most Ambitious Get-Rich Program For the Masses In the History of Mankind!

Jill Reed


The Neothink society and The TVP really will be sum of the greatest things I was involved with. Mark Hamilton, his business, and the values it brought me are nothing less than life saving. Without it i would’ve been lost in this world we live in today. Now I and my family will live like we were meant to.  If The TVP is a success i have no doubt everyone else would too. I know someday soon society will realize this and the race will be on.

Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, and The TVP THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!