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The Wind Met The Waters And Calmed my Soul

The TVP movement is going to be a success.We all  have suffered deeply by the choices the current government has made. I know I have personally the list can go on an on. I will tell a few of my sufferings briefly. Medicaid the doctor who treated me who just give me medication for my condition, well my condition worsened I told him I need surgery the pills are not helping. He did not help me all he could so I suffered greatly. I lost hope and quit the program. I said I will get better the best way I can by myself. Well it worsened , I ended up having the surgery at my expense that I did not have. Just so, I had doctors who did care and it felt wonderful. Medicaid worker: Mam you cannot file a complaint unless you are in the patient first program…….Then she goes you have the right to change doctors. The govermnent had me under, my mind could not function with all the stress and the turmoil that went on everyday in my life. But that is not important.

I wanted this for no one else that is my complaint about this doctor. I did not want anyone to go through what I did.The rules for medicaid are unfair. The goverment can cure diseases IF THEY WANTED TO. But us and our families are far more better at suffering to death. They say (the goverment) we will just give them pills to temporarily fix thier problem.The pharamacutial company has to make their money for them.

Everything about our government is unfair. Another thing about this goverment situation WE WHO ARE OR WERE IN DEBT. THE GOVERNMENT HAS SILENTLY KEPT DEBT LAWS FROM US.THERE IS A STATUE OF LIMITATION ON DEBT. I had been in debt for years over seven. The debt laws vary from state to state then they start over if you claim the debt.If I had knew this when I was being sued at age 24 this would have never happened to me. I had an old bill from a dental financing company.I did not speak to anyone for those years that passed. I knew they were calling. If I had the money I would have paid. The mail came you need to appear in court you are being sued for $1597.00. The paper said if you do not want appear check here , I did (they automatically won the settlement). The lawyer knew when he was hired I did’nt have to pay. But, He also knew that if I did not know (this law) he could get his money and they could to.Then look at all the people who have filed for bankruptcy and may have not had to ,because the statue of limitations had passed on the debt.

Obama he is going to do this and that. I saw a commercial he is going to help the people in debt call 000-000-0000 , they are going to set up a payment plan with all your creditiors. But what if some of the people’s debt is past the statue of limitations in thier state. The creditiors will still get paid.That is so unfair. Why take our money if you don’t have to.We need our money. Don’t stress us out we need our health. We have families who love us. This is so unfair.

The media is even unfair. They report what they want when they want. They edit and enhance. In the future we should have our own station.

What person does not want health, wealth, and safety and what has The Goverment succeeded at doing besides tricking us?


Mark Hamilton is a great writer and a true neothinker. Mark get straight to the point. He speaks nothing but the truth in his work.I am so glad to be part of this, I’ve never been accepted. But since I have been accepted it feels really good!!!!!!!!!!



Tiffany B