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Mark Hamilton and Neothink was the answer to my prayers’ Mark Hamilton and Neothink changed my whole life for the better I had no control of my life I always seemed to fall victim to nature all the time bad things always seemed to happen to me beyond my control I hated my life and who I was, I was even thinking suicide. One day I was praying to God for Divine Guidance and wisdom I asked god to help me change my life for the better. But since I have become Neothink my whole life has changed I no longer hate who I am or my life the Neothink helped me break the grip this earth had on me. I am no longer bond to this earth their spell has been broken they have no more power over me I am no longer a victim of nature and I thank God for the day I became Neothink, The upper ruling class who told me they hate me and that they want me to kill myself because I am going to send 5 billion people to hell by fulfilling Neothink agendas I have been verbally attacked by the upper ruling class and physically threatened to bee beaten by the upper ruling class. I have hard Mark Hamilton and Neothink mentioned on TV plus the Radio I also hear that someone is coming and that they are trying to figure out how to introduce them to America sometimes I wonder if it is Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society or the Antichrist like I hear some people say I also hear some people say that Mark Hamilton is Jesus Christ the messiah. Mark Hamilton does kind of look like Jesus with a haircut and sun glasses on someone told me one day. I don’t know I cant see the whole picture yet I have nothing but respect for Mark Hamilton and his paradigm shift plus the TVP for his literature and his ideas has changed my whole life for the better, May God bliss Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society and my Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society overcome this obstacle
Mark Duenas