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It is so important for the American people to build upon the whiff of freedom that Mark Hamilton is releasing into the American awareness. There is a slow awakening shown by the Tea Party and others who love freedom that America is being co-opted by parasites who curry favor by offering goodies to the public with no visible means of payment. The payment the political parasites seek for themselves is POWER. Let this become the GREAT AWAKENING that Mark Hamilton and all of his supporters bring to America’s consciousness – that freedom and prosperity do live and do very well indeed without the political ruling class of studied deceit!
John M



I LeRoy P have read all on Neothink books and letters, plus TVParty’s letters.  I am all for it to get going.  I have been raised up as a Republican am ready to try a new Party also I’m mad at both Dem.& Rep. with all their bills that they make up to get all the PORK that is killing our generation, our kids & grandkids future.  I have gone to a TEA PARTY meeting and it was something I would back if TVPARTY does not services.  Today’s BIG Government has gotten way out of hand with all their crooked lawyer politicians.

the Neothink society has done great think for me it has given me the tools to enhance my knowledge of life an living the power of my mind an how to use it when to use it an were to use an how to tap into the person God intended for me to be every day is a learning experience i am  new in the society but it has help me and many ways i looking to the further with the society it will be a big part of my further growth without Mr. Hamilton and the society it may not have happen thanks Neothink society and Mark Hamilton–
-Knowledge Is Power



   I feel more excitement now than last year.  I believe now that more and more people are removing the veil and are actually seeing the truth.  Lots of people are finally realizing whose is responsible for their frustration and worse their predicament. Since the Twelve Visions Party started, I knew we were on the right track.  Now that the Tea Party is also stepping up, there is definitely more of us tired of the way our 2-party system has put us so far down we have to look up to see down. Our children and grand children are going to be trying to pay off our debt the rest of THEIR lives. Enough of the morbid.

    Myself and others I talk to are beginning to empower ourselves because we actually recognize the incompetence in Wash.D.C.  We cannot wait any longer to start turning things around, that’s why the TVP and others are going to make the difference.  You Mark Hamilton, can be congratulated for being one of the few to stand up for what’s right. You will get stoned for it but you will be vindicated and applauded. Its only a matter of time, the people will overcome.  We can only hope it doesn’t get too much worse before the turnaround.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Thank you Neo-think Society, Thank you Twelve Visions Party. When the average person looks at the facts about Mark and the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink, not even the media can tell enough lies to cloud the truth. All of us must use common sense now to distinguish the best course of action to stabilize this country and band together to accomplish some very serious tasks, one is to keep our spirits up and use good sense and trust we can do a better job than the good old boys. I know there is lot good person out there that understands and would like nothing less than to correct this mess and finally get the U.S. back on track. Not to use a cliché’, but GODSPEED!   lARRY


As a relatively new member of the Neothink Society I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for all I have read and learned. The timing of this new knowledge is critical as our society is at serious cross roads now. Our government is now spending about $2 for every $1 in tax receipts with no end in sight. Neither political party seems to have the will to do what is needed to solve our problems. This explains the growing dissatisfaction expressed by the American people in such movements as the Tea Party’s occurring around the USA. Even Congressman are retiring in high numbers this year as they don’t know what to do or realize they will be voted out of office for their failures. Neothink has real ideas to solve these economic/political problems: return government to the roots of our founding fathers. Sell off government assets to pay off all the money owed the American people for unsustainable Social Security payments and other entitlements. Close down the big bureaucracies like the FDA which harm the American people by keeping lifesaving products off the market in the name of big brother protectionism. Restructure our tax system by eliminating the IRS and switching over to a national sales tax. Trillions of dollars will return to the US if income tax doesn’t have to paid on these offshore bank accounts and investments. Immediately prices will drop as corporations do not have to pass on the corporate income tax to consumers. Innovation will increase as the silent partner, the IRS, is out of the equation in business. Jobs will again become plentiful as labor costs will drop for corporations and small business alike. Unproductive tax shelters will become a thing of the past. Innovation will become rapid in many industries (like the computer industry) with the heavy hand of government lifted.