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Why are we here? In the larger context…there has to be a reason why we are all here…in this moment in time/place. This greater purpose than ourselves; means that it is ourselves that serves as the primary agent in our own happiness and well-being. We exist to prove ourselves worthy of that greater vision. And the role model fits in with that greater vision of Mark Hamilton: as he exemplifies that vision in person thru his literature and personal example…!
Sometimes…we never know what is offering us until it too late! This feels like one of those moments/times in history.
The evidence is there in Mark Hamilton exceptional way of giving us those teachable moments to transcribe belong our baser selves to that of our nobler selves…former one being that of entrapment of this life…the other being the means of escaping that proverbial grind. And what are we escaping or striving towards in greater vision? Thru Mark Hamilton, we are given the means and mentoring that enables to become who we were truly meant to be. Evolved higher form of human consciousness…with happiness, wealth and security…towards that greater vision of Neothink!