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My Testimonial

Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society, Twelve Visions Party, (TVP) what it mains to me!!!It mains Stronger Faster Better and Smarter the manuscripts and or literature makes me to do over my life, Bake in the 1979 I graduated and got my diploma “Special Education diploma” I thought I could not do nothing at all in my life And in 2006 I got Mark Hamilton literature and that changed my life forever cannot go bake!!! To my old life!!!….

I’m Stronger Faster Better and Smarter the literature did it for me!!! I’m happier!

The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is “Stronger Faster Better and Smarter “I’m in the (TVP) New York State I’m vice chairman for the (TVP)


Melvin K


My name is Mike Covarrubias here in CA central Valley.

My testimonial is this… I was deep in stagnation as well in mysticism.

back in late 2004 I encounter with Neothink I received your invitation to

be part of this society.

well as an old man with a traditional “believes” well rooted into my

psychic.I decide to get inside I order the first orientation panphlet.

Then I orderd the first herloom for me is (priceless) information

I ordered the secund herloom…… that was my turnig point.

that book specially the SECUND INSIGHT openned my eyes!!!

Mr.Mark Hamilton I am 100% with you…. because where else can go

is nothing up there but irrationalities, cruelties and opression

I am 64 year old virtually blind.

I beleive in you Mark I believed in your dad Mark Hamilton. This a

historical DAD the dawn of fredom for all of us and eventually for

all humanity.

“GO” FO IT” Mark you wll have my 100% support.

sincerely Mike Covarrubias here in Madera CA


Hello,  I am sending a testimonial on the good things that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society has done for me.  I believe everything that is written in the Multi-Generational Manuscripts.  It has made me a better person inside and out, it has made me happier and healthier  and more fit physically, and mentally.   I am bettering myself so others can also, this is the best state of mind you can be in.  Come join us for the best part of your life in the Neothink Society.  And helping Twelve Visions Party grow to have  a better way of life for yourself, your family and your friends.   And better health above all else.

Yours Most Sincerely

Wolfgang L


My Mentor

First I want to thank you to have accepted me in your society since may 2008.

I use to read wonderful success from others members.

I believe strongly about everything written on the mails that the society have sent to me, especially my orientation book which mentioned  my gifts and will help me to unleashed them .

I have all my hope in our society.

Truly the society take off on my face a thick veil  and make me stronger in belief on the society .

But my testimonial would not be reduce at that point.

Please i am waiting for the enmeshment of my gifts and the realization of other promises on the books to complete my testimonial.

Thank you to take your precious time to read my message

Your apprentice Messanh


          As I started to write my testimonial, I began think of when things began to change for the better.  First, I would like to say “Thank you” to Mark Hamilton, who has written these most wonderful books, that has helped numerous people of all lifestyles.  In addition, I believe he is a great man with vision, honesty and respect for others rights.

          A few months back, I had a 10-sec miracle that had happened so fast that I almost missed it. First, I will give some personal background; I am a person who lives the simple life, taking care of my daughter and going to college to finish my degree.  The story begins as I was watching over my mother–in-law, helping her as needed.  My husband and I had moved closer to her so we could do this, while also getting back on our feet from a previously unsuccessful relocation of our family. Therefore, we were living in a R.V. close by to her doing what we could.  One day, my mother–in-law asked us to leave promptly. Caught off guard we did not know what to do, at first.  Nevertheless, studying under Mr. Hamilton, my first reaction was to figure out how we were going to move, on very little money. Setting down one-day, I was brain storming on the right course of action, when my phone rang. I answered “Hello,” and it was my girlfriend, and I begun to tell her what had happened. After telling her the events, to my surprise my girlfriend said to me, “I have a rental that just became available for rent.”  Within 10-seconds of talking to my girlfriend, we had a house.  Positively, this miracle had happened, and was a good thing. That is why I know that what Mark Hamilton is talking about does actually work.  So if you have any questions please read more testimonials, and see all the people that it has helped changed their lives for the better.

Thank you reading this story by Suzanne S


Dear Mark:

I was introduced to The Neothink Society by Martin H.  I have only been with the Society a few months, but I am already beginning to see the difference the books are making in my life.  They are teaching me how to integrate, power think and utilize my mini-day schedule to become more productive and successful.  I have met several Neothink Brothers and Sisters through the website, face book and the WA State A-Team.  I have a ways to go to finally understand all of Mark Hamilton’s teachings, but as I continue to read his books, integrate his lessons, I am able to grow my essence.

Twelve Visions Party is the answer to bringing our country back around to a state of stability.  I love the fact that TVP involves all the people, not run by one political party.  There will be no more poverty.  We will be able to live harmoniously among ourselves.

Silencing the truth is wrong!  Mark Hamilton is on the right path to bringing government back to the people and away from the corporation with the Twelve Visions Party.  Through the organization of the TVP, Mark Hamilton integrates the truth and empowers others to grow their essence.  I believe Mark Hamilton is on the right path to turning our country around with the Twelve Visions Party.  I support Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party without blinking my eyes but with my whole essence.

Thank you, Mark for the opportunity to share my testimonial with you.


Sheila F


I am taking the time to write the testimonial of the value I have received from the Neothink Packages and the meetings that I have observed so far that you have been conducting.  My testimonial is short but I have to say that I have received a good deal of wisdom and other qualities from the Philosophies of all these materials those main qualities being Determination and the Willpower to get yourself up and make things happen, you the individual must make things happen and push and strive with your best attempts when seeking something out.  The individual has the potential to constantly improve, gain and absorb knowledge and absorb life’s experiences into the mind and all these things improve that individual. 

In my case I pushed myself to buy this computer so that I can view these meetings,  I never had a computer or much of any knowledge as to how to operate one but since I purchased this computer this year I have learned tremendously about using it, the internet, emails, etc.  I have learned other things also such as electronics  and heating and air conditioning concepts. And these are things that I always wanted to learn thanks to the correspondence courses. These computers and the internet is truly amazing. 

So I would have to say that those qualities for me would be my testimonial - Determination, Willpower, Strive, Steadfastness, Improve the mind with constantly absorbing knowledge – those have been my testimonial.



Although I am new to Neothink and the writings of Mark Hamilton I am very happy to write my testimonial in support.  When the opportunity came to join Neothink for my partner there was no hesitation in my mind and I was glad to pay the joining fee for her even though money was an extreme issue at the time.  The teachings of Neothink have already made a change in my life and my ability to use my thought processes though the teachings of Integrated Thinking contained in the book.  I feel myself slowly beginning to change and I am starting to overcome the different challenges that have plagued me so far in my life.  I feel the love and compassion contained in the writings of Mark Hamilton for myself and all of us as well and it is important that ordinary people like you and me have the opportunity to create a force for good to ensure that everyone will prosper as we all should.  We have a basic right and need to work together to create ourselves a prosperous civilization that we and our children will be able to live in joyously.  I feel that with the Twelve Visions Party that Mark Hamilton intends to start that we the people will have the most needed opportunity that politicians cannot and will not ever deliver.  I am happy to give my time as I am able to help with other people create this deserved bright future for us all.

With Regards

Graeme Y

New Zealand


Neothink society means to me a new hope!!! A new civilization full of HAPPINESS  free of rulers FREEDOOM Ho!! what a joy!!!!

 TVP is the road map that will take us to the Twelve Visions World where we belong Mark I can see the light of the liberty the bell is RINGING WE ARE READY.

 This testimonial was written by 67 years old NTWARRIOR



My name is Mike Covarrubias, and my testimonial is or goes to Mr. Mark Hamilton who was the one to opened my eyes. His love his KINDNESS for the humans goes beyond I love Mark with all my heart although my background was RELIGIOUS I gained a lot of knowledge his prime literature that I absorbed for me it goes beyond the monetary value NEOTHINK my new mentality is helping  me to see he things what it is I creating my new world I am my own master piece…. Thanks to Neothink