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I could not have asked, for a better person to be part of my life. His book has changed my life completely, I was on the urge of giving up on everything, I have ever worked for, I had lost, my kid’s I was living from house to house, trying to stay on top of things, I did not have a job. I just wanted to end it all, I did not have no family nor friends, I had know where to turn. He told me to find your Friday night essence, to be the person that I was meant to be, find what would make you happy in life, which would be your down stream focus in life. Now I wake up every day happy and excited about life, wanting to get out and do good things for people. It’s like I want to live forever. Every day it just get’s better and better. Thank you for every thing you have done for me. With love Michelle A.


Hello Mr. Hamilton,
I am and feel honored to have numerous opportunities to post testimonials on your website.(www.Mark
I cant begin to tell you the value and stimulation I get to have the rare opportunity to be mentored by someone that is doing so much to better our society. You are a master power-thinker, and neothinker.
You are the author of the mutigenerational manuscripts, and how the (Twelve Visions World) will come about.
You spend hours of your time preparing monthly meetings for all of your apprentices.
And I’m sure, we all appreciate you.
The puzzle-pieces are surely coming together, and I cant wait to see and be part of the end result.
It will be historic.



My Name is Devin and today I just have to tell you what Neothink is to me.
For years I have struggled with myself because my persona reached its limits while my mind sought to achieve more. This created a great stress on my life wanting to obtain things so to become happy but my happiness was out of reach because like many I live and have lived paycheck to paycheck.

Neothink made me really look at myself and wonder why my goals aren’t being achieved.  Not only did it show my why I am unhappy but how to overcome it.  It continues to teach me so I am able to feed my mind what it wants and give my life success.  I’m currently in a building stage from the stand point of success.  Every day is better and along the way Neothink is helping me to appreciate what I am to be so not to ever lose it once I fully achieve.

I was always a grand thinker but my thoughts were misplaced or better yet, mismanaged.  Neothink is helping me to give my thoughts meaning as well as structure.  I am currently figuring myself out more so to build values for myself thus leading to my idea of success.  Values that one day I will be able to translate in terms others can understand and achieve their goals.

My family is already benefiting from my new (old but finally realized) thought processes.  I’m surrounded by just a whole bunch of love and appreciation but not only from my immediate family but my new Neothink family.  A family that will help you through your problems because even if you are a middle child you are looked at as equal.

I look forward to government officials who practices Neothink, after all the basis of it is success thru honesty.  Governments need virtuous officials whose only desire is to stand up and fight for honesty and prosperity for all.

To sum it all up for me Neothink shows how to achieve and utilize powerful mind, feel everything with passion, and live honestly.  The great news however about the tools Neothink provides is that im only just getting started and I’m excited to make that above list longer.

To the ones that will have honest virtues rule the world, THANKS Mark Hamilton, for letting me see with my very own eyes that good people can come in abundance.

Devin T




Hi my  name is Karen,
I would love to tell you how Neothink has changed my life.
I am very grateful to say Mr Hamilton saved my life.
I’ve always suffered depression since a teenager.
I came from a very religious home, I was mentally & physically abused as a child.
I carried alot of pain with me.
As a child I knew my talent was Music.
I gave up on my dream when I had baby.
I was brainwashed to believe that I wasn’t good enough to follow my dreams.
Stagnation came into place and guilt from the religious people clouded me.
I walked around depressed thinking I was not good enough.
I had guilt thinking I was not good enough for God.
I searched everywhere for the answers..
It wasn’t until I read Neothink that I was able to get all the answers that I had searched for.
My life has changed completely thanks to Mr. Hamilton.
My happiness is back.
I became a Integrated thinker, I use the tools that are in the book to succeed daily.
I am very happy daily Pursuing Happiness every second.
My mind is free from guilt and stagnation.
I am very happy the twelve vision party is ready to free the world from the pain and confusion that surrounds America.
America will be saved thanks to Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink Society.
It is an Honor to know Integrated Honesty and pure Love!
Thanks Karen Q


I have been involved with the Neo Think society only a few months so far, and have read most of the three volumes, but not finished yet. The literature that I have been reading has opened my eyes immensely to see through illusions of today. I always knew the unreal situations that happened in this anti-civilization society of my 50 years of living on earth was just not right.
I have seen different things happen with laws being passed by government and political figures that just did not make any sense. Maybe because of those senseless laws are why our country is in the mess were in now. By passing these senseless laws that doesn’t create any value for the people, then the reasoning behind it is GREED!
I want to thank Mark Hamilton for finding me and sharing with me the intelligent information of the TVP and the secrets of these three volumes.
Learning to be a Neo Thinker and a value creater is very exciting, life seems to be more exhilarating now knowing their is more to life than just being stuck in a stagnating rut.
Learning how we all are suppose to be living our lives with immense love, happiness, and value creating for our family’s, friends, neighbors, for everyone!
That type of thinking with Neo Think is absolutely TRUE and should be applied in our every day lives for the goodness sake of all mankind. With the Twelve Visions Party in control, I could say their would be NO more homeless people, their would be NO more hungry or starving people, and creating cures for diseases faster. Everyone would be Neo Thinkers and would be glad to create values for mankind.
Mr Mark Hamilton, I think your a genius.
Thank You for the knowledge I have received and I’m looking forward to more insight into the TVP in the near future. Dave N.


The person I was meant is creative and a thinker. I can do hair, and I do my hair and nails. I love kids. I would love to open up a special daycare for them someday. I like decorating rooms. Someday I want to design clothes. I like art I want to learn oil painting techniques. I like scrapbooking and taking pictures of people, things, events, and organizing the album. I can sing. I think I can write songs someday I have a couple of them. I do not like see mistreatment taking place in any circumstance. It is hurtful. I almost forgot at 18 years old I looked at myself in the mirror, and I said to myself .I am never going to get old. I won’t be old, like I just knew something …………..that I didn’t know at that time at age 23 that is when I made my discovery.  I would love to have businesses and share the wealth.

There are many other things about me. I’ve had many obstacles as an infant to child to teenager and part of my adult life. I remember being in my mother’s stomach. I remember when I was seven we were reading Weekly Readers at school and the first time I saw a map of the world (it was flat). It was a voice in my head said “I am going to be the president and take care of the World”. I told no one because I knew for some reason I would be laughed at.

When I look back on this it is funny, I never liked politics.

I have a brother we are seven years apart. Our house was haunted in my eyes (I later found out the trailer park had been built on Indian burial ground). I did not like be alone there without him. I was not alone when I was alone. I was always watched. I always felt this presence it never left. It was like the hair on your neck always standing. It was scary to me. I was eight and my brother had joined a club at school. We usually would walk halfway to school together. This morning he had to leave 45 minutes earlier. I got ready for school with him anyway. He left. We had a floor model TV right next to the front door; I already had my back pack on. I got some cover an I balled up in front of it scared out of my mind. It was so great (the presence) in the room. I had my body under the cover then (my body) on top of the cover I was under. I had timed myself when to look at the clock. I knew it was not time to look yet so I lay there shaking an waiting, because it was as if some one was standing straddled over me. I closed my eyes quietly cried to myself with my eyes closed. Then I felt this rubbing sensation on my hand I looked and it was this white (as in white man) hand gently, softly, and slowly rubbing my hand. I did not fight it. I closed my eyes back. Until it stopped, it lasted about 8 seconds. I opened my eyes and it was gone .I jumped up and I was gone in 2 seconds. I will never forget.

I loved to draw, design, write, and read. I felt so good when I did these things. I loved to dance. I dreamt of becoming a great ballerina some day. I loved organizing. I have always wanted to make our world a better place to live for everyone to live happy. I like to learn different things. No one told me anything it was just always here inside me.

I knew I was different in the teenage years. I knew there were many things that I did not know. I could not be with everyone else. I said to myself why I am so different?  Why am I here with these people? I had many questions? I knew it was something else, I knew it in my heart, and then also my mind worked differently bigger than the biggest warehouse. I have seen all these things happening and I told myself I am going to fight to keep my mind. I have seen people give up and give in. I had a vision at 24, where I went up past the clouds into the thunder and lightning. I woke in a pool of sweat; this altered my life, my consciousness. It is unimaginable. I do not think it is the right time for this… I wish it was.

I was so glad to get my letter!!!! I was so excited to get my letter!!!!!I was on cloud nine!!!!! I keep seeing the apologies throughout my letter, Tiffany we are sorry. Tiffany we apologize. I did not care, Iwas just glad, I was RESCUED. I was rescued. The people like me have found me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feeling cannot be described. I felt accepted with my first letter. I cannot forget I faxed it 17 times to make sure it went though. Then I mailed it and called and ask the person on the other end of the phone was it too late for me? She said no we go by the postage date.

A society with people who love each other. People who want to do what is right. Want to share and take care of our world for our children and grandchildren. I would never want this, what we go through for them.  We can do this. I can see this happening. I feel so good typing this. I feel all good things. Not any of the bad stuff in the outside world. I am glad you found me. I did cry later because I was so happy I was found, and I knew there was something else. I knew it.

Health, wealth, and peace mean everything to me. This is something our family and others desperately need. Health I want us all to live happily and disease free. Wealth we all should be secure and not have to worry and stress out this brings on problems with our health. Peace we all should have peace and harmony in our lives. Peace will bring in better heath and more value creation. This is what health, wealth, and peace mean to me.

I hope I did this right I have a degree in Business. I have a new product, I would like to market. I have a stack of new ideas all are different. I counted, I have 73 new ideas (and counting) for the present and the future after the TVP president is in office (new product not included).


Tiffany B


One year ago I started my journey with the Neo Think Society. My life has changed for the better. At work I have great relationships with my supervisor’s. I used to hate go to work

but Neo Think showed me how to look and see my job at it’s essence.

Mark Hamilton is a genesis. He has taught me how to be an integrated thinker. I have learned the secret to life and can never go back to the way I was.

I believe that the United States needs the Twelve Vision Party. The foundation of the TVP

is the Prime Law. In today’s society man has turned our constitution upside down. Man and our leaders put themselves above the law.

WE NEED CHANGE! The TVP will bring the needed change because it replaces man with Prime Law. Thank you Mark Hamilton for believing in me. I am so thankful that I am a member of the Neothink Society. All the best!

Dave Koppenhaver