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The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world. A place where all men and women are created equal and enjoy in all the treasures in this world as it was meant to be. A place where corruption and deceit cease to exist. This world will be filled with self thinkers who will share their ideals to the point where the cost of living will no longer be a factor when buying food or getting an education. I see a world where


Neothink Literature gives me unending value. Every time I read, it always is fresh and cuts to the essence of things. Every day I am different in some way and I get flashes of wisdom (integrations) that widen my perspective of knowledge and understanding ever more. Neothink cuts through illusions to reveal one reality.
The clarity I have in my mind now is extraordinary. Compare myself to I of 10 years ago and yes I have matured anyway, but Neothink knowledge has given me something more than I could ever find anywhere else, which I describe as an Olympian-like perspective.
Everywhere people are like-minded about the myth of authority even if they don’t explicitly know the internal machinations. They see mostly through the lies but they feel nothing can be done and say, “oh well, what can you do?” With the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society they now have a voice, an outlet, a cause, a future, as hoax upon lie upon deception is unraveled with mind-liberating awe. They can think freely past that rationalization now. I can hear the cheering already as Neothink men and women reduce politicians to null points in public debates, I can see the politician sweating, knowing that their tricks are no longer invisible with large crowds booing them. I can see the proud faces of visionaries creating values and fixing up the mess left by big government. I can see the joy on the faces of children looking forward to school learning to be integrated thinkers.
Others close their eyes, ears, mouth and mind and take a vow of silence that they will never ask questions, never bring up their rights and never challenge authority, then choose the lazy attitude and worshipfully except that the false authority of government is absolutely necessary. It seems totally crazy to me that some people actually believe themselves and others should be controlled in order to benefit society, but they believe it because they are programmed to once they were born.
People everywhere, those of you that suspect the illusion and deception, now is the time you can do something and no longer feel helpless because the Neothink Movement is growing worldwide and also the Twelve Visions Party that grew from the Neothink Society. If you see or hear negative comments or campaigns against Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, know now from me that it is dishonest lies being spread that are pathetic and immature and intended to rob you, your children and civilization of a better future with abundant health, wealth and peace. With the world going the way it is, it doesn’t look like it is going to get better by itself, what with the endless spiral of wars and catastrophes spearheaded by parasitical elites. The time has come for us all to grow and take responsibility by applying Neothink to society, the visionary innovation with Neothink and the TVP is the answer to the current failing system inbuilt with corruption, people everywhere are seeing through the lies. Like when someone reveals a magician’s secrets to his magic tricks, it becomes plainly obvious and even disappointing at how easily we were tricked, same goes with those in power who feed us lies to keep us tame, naïve and subservient. Once you see how they do their tricks, it becomes so obvious. Don’t close your eyes and ears to what the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party is about, even if now you don’t understand, you should still support it and learn more later because you have my honest word today that this is pure genius innovation and permanent change, not just lip-service, there is no sleight-of-hand, there is no smoke and mirrors. Visionary work is being done in the world, not only by Mark Hamilton, but by increasing numbers of self leader neothinkers worldwide. This is truly a remarkable time in history, that you are learning about once and for all. A completely integrated solution is unfolding for the masses to rise up to better standards of living beyond what the masses have ever known, and this is not naïve talk or wishful thinking from me. When you have the growing wide and integrated perspective I have, you can recognize what does not logically follow or fit in place. There might be a lot of bad publicity by the media to come toward NT and TVP, but it is done by envious and ignorant people who want the “average” person, who strives to make a productive living, to not have a bright future, wealth, health or peace, while the bureaucrat and politician enjoys unearned wealth and privilege.
People stand together, now is the time, embrace and support Mark Hamilton and his heroic efforts in founding the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party.


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I will never be able to thank you enough for the positive influence in my life your mentoring and the Neothink Society have provided.
I look forward to the new dawn of INTRIGRATED HONESTY in a TWELVE VISIONS WORLD. The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY is the future with value, love, and the love of life with purpose.
Waking up each morning, looking forward to creating value for a society full of NEO-THINKERS.
The future shows hope, what a wonderful change!
Thank you again!
Rick Boyle



“When you drink the water, remember those who dug the well”
- Chinese Proverb

I could not wait to share how grateful I am to be exposed to the Neothink Society and the NeoThink way of life. I will absolutely post more as I get more into the work, but as a lifelong learner I have always sought out new ways to learn and use my mind to create an outstanding life.

Thanks to Mark Hamilton and all the thinkers that have come before to create the NeoThink literature and build the community of people that are willing to become leaders and build a quality experience that promotes honesty and integrity in business and in life.

I am also excited to learn about the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) and can see a world where the Prime Law guides our evolution.


Mateo Brown
Los Angeles, CA



Mark Hamilton is a wonderful person!  He spent all that time creating those heirloom packages. As an author myself, writing my first book, I can appreciate all that hard work.  They are the greatest books I ever received!!  They have changed my life! Because of those wonderful works, I have hope, and  I am a value creator today!

Mark Hamilton didn’t stop there.  He created a political party, The Twelve Visions Party. It is my party of choice, because it advocates in its platform, to make everybody rich, including the poor.  I also like the protection-only government, so people can achieve their destinies, and increase their potential.

Mark also created the Neo-Think Society.  I appreciate the fact that there is a place where like-minded, integrated  thinkers can meet each other!  I talk to them on the conference calls, and in Facebook!  It makes me happy that I have such wonderful friends I can talk to every day.  I no longer feel lonely.

I know I took action to make this all happen.  I believe I attracted that letter from Mark.  It seemed to come to me like magic.  I know better today.   It was my destiny!  I discovered my Friday Night Essence, which like Mark, is writing!  If I hadn’t received that letter, I have not realized my true potential.  Thank you very much for sending me that letter, Mark!  It changed my life!

Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance,

David V



I somehow was found by neothink society. Different as I am, I do owe them much credit for whom they all are. They are thinkers, inventors, artists, engineers, and extremely bright human beings that had gained advancements like no other, that offered considerable value that hid from nothing of their own intellect, and mastered everything in their traits of pure thought.

Neothink IS a place of being for those that choose to advance. I found a number of human beings that do care to advance into knowledge that is un-comparable to anything else, and I am ONE of them. I found thought to be an source that has no limitations to integration of every last thing known and unknown. I grow each day, yet had found many who tried to compete with an undeniable reality a clean clear conscious that that compels over every last qua of the Universe. It is an axiom.

I feel there is something unique with each person Mr Hamilton had originally contacted in one way or other. They began contacting me through various media in so many words of writings that i had worked on myself of un-ordinary truths in honesty and creation of many sorts. Then one day, this book arrives out of the blue on my door step, properly titled as is that you all know of.

I am aware of keys the human mind holds that fold the fabric of conscious thought and spreads it out all over again testifying an axiom to the power of puzzle building, mind integrating thought. You learn one thing and it so intersects with so many different sections of society and the existable Globe, even the entire Universe. My value creation had excelled in learning, study and approaches that I had yet to profit from yet are simply exillerating in their their form. I only need a wing, or a friend of all of you, to push the limits of creativity.

Neo-Think Society is more promising then any endeavor. Each persons excels in a different way so beautifully, mindfullly, and it is a joy to witness the intelligence bloom everywhere. I agree with the process of Neo-think Society. It’s a promise, it is a greatness, and it has thought so compelling, I do feel I have a place of belonging. yet, I haven’t met any of you face to face, and one day I wish that to be.

In relationships, i had found love. In so many chapters I found things so comparing to this life each of us life. Thought and life so critically valuable, thought such a wonderful gift to Earth.

I do complement each neo-think member for the gift of thought, to own such a gift to be a part of an Order that IS Unstoppable to where all of us belong ruling how the Planet must be. I owe thinks to Mr Hamilton, a figure on Earth that deserves the merit and credit he rightfully deserves as does his own father. I belong in riches like all of you. My thought of owning great things is just the same. I too learned a great deal in ways that may had obsticles yet challenged each and every last thing in question of current existence. We own Earth, and all of you need to know that. My support goes out to each of you for the value creators, the Children of OUR Universe. So, the beat goes on as does time and neo-think, forever.

One day, one of my many dreams I await for, I do wish to meet Mr Hamilton, an aspiring great man, with an equally great invention of the sky walk. Did anyone ever view that invention of his yet? It is awe inspiring. He is a master thinker, and I choose to follow his footsteps to be just as great.

If you can, please offer support to Joliet, as there are a number of value creators I had found here and there. Thought… what a dream come true to think in such expanse.

Made by Music,
Patrick B. Rasmusson &
Terri Ann Murdock

P.S. The Globe and the Universe IS OURS together.