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Hello Mark,
I was very fortunate to have responded to a letter, send by the late Dr. F. W., in the late 1980s. I, then, was exposed to some of the discoveries this brilliant man made and published. I admit that some of the materials went over my head . Back then, I did not have the discipline and the knowledge that I have now possessed. I see things in a very different perspective now. Also, my priorities have shifted as I learned about how this world really operates.
Perhaps the general public is just not aware , because of having been purposely “dummd down” by the poor public education system, or people just do not care much past there own instant gratification needs, or simply because they live in a world where they are never exposed to information that is truly shocking, or have no thirst for knowledge, or expanding their purpose for a better life for mankind in this cursed creation.
My take on Mark Hamilton is that , finally, here is someone willing to do something good about interrupting the way innocent people are being manipulated, exploited, lied to and who knows what else by the media and the people who control them and everything else on the planet. So for the sake of a better future for ourselves and the rest of mankind, use your discernment skills a bit, and do your homework. Stand up and take a stand with Mr. Mark Hamilton while it is still possible. Do not believe everything you are being fed by the infected media. The truth shall set us free. Seek and you shall find.
Régis S.




My name is Avery W, I can hardly express how excited I am to have found the writings of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. Prior to this I have always been a seeker which lead me on a wild ride. I was baptised Catholic and raised in an Anglican home so I don’t have to tell you how screwed up I was. I got into sales at twenty years of age which increased my thirst for knowledge, I read many sales and psychology books.

Some were more helpful than others but they all seemed to be missing something. After I made over twelve millions in business and yet finding myself dealing with the fact that I was about to lose everything I worked for, I realized something was definitely wrong and the seeker in me went deeper. Then I found spirituality, talk about another blind religion filled with mysticism. I made another four millions and still found myself struggling financially. When I received the first letter from the society, it spoke to my heart. I got the first book and could hardly put it down, I felt someone knew my heart and I thought wow! I am not crazy. There is actually someone else who feels that the system we have created is screwed up. I have since read many of the Neothink literature and now have renewed excitement and determination to assist in bringing forth the Twelve Visions World on earth. I now know why and how far I know who I am, why I am, where I am and what I am. Thank you.