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My integrations to your comments on Wide Scope Accounting.
Thank you Mark Hamilton, Thank you All. I just got that email from Adam Huntley were he comments on our integraded progress and my eyes welled up while reading his comments on wide scope accounting, considering all possibilities. My first thought was just maybe after all these years of nomadic intelectual travels, constant dought and rejection from others, I think I have arived at the Valley of My Peers. I feel the love from each of you. Because I am full of fear and self dought, I will use your honest comments as encouragement. I sense that we all need love and honest encouragement as we all have reached The Valley of Our Peers. After reading the Heirloom Literature of the Neothink and Neothink Society I have no dought that together we will all rise from this blisful valley to hiehgts never before reached.
A recent integration while dreaming the other night I saw a common effect that the Multi-Generational Manuscripts will have on everyone. I was not alert enough to get right up and write it down but I remember thinking that Neothink will challange our Notions of Devotion. Integrating further I see that this effect reaches beyond the mysticism that plaques most but to all things we might be devoted to. For instance, my own unknowing devotion to a phenonology (I wish this thing had spell check) I developed at an early age in order to fit in with society. This is something I have been rejecting for the last 6 years. So if you see it rearing it’s ugly head, please forgive me, I’m working on it. It’s deeply ingrained But I do know it’s not needed here in the valley.
Thank you Adam Huntley, Claire Racine, Thomas Silva, Antonio Bistrain and of course our Teacher Mark Hamilton.
Love Carl