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I find life and the experiences I had valuable and thought provoking yet compellingly interesting. I had read a testimonial and believed I feel obligated to write as well. Introduced to Neothink, one day I came home from having the worst day of my life and there was this package sitting by my door. I looked at it’s address and didn’t know who it was from yet it owned an energy just gripping the box it was concealed in. Bringing it into the house and opening it, enclosed was this masterful beauty of literate as i slowly was to find. It is astonishing, very astonishing and so awesome it is difficult to put into words. I made a few attempts to be an Author myself. yet here was a book dedicated to me that Mr. Hamilton written with my name on the cover. That was something that put me in a state of shock as I gasped for breath, in such a way with the lonely life I had life long, I really felt as if my life owned some significance of importance. A part in the book stated that I would fall in love, and I had. That was one of the most important things to me outside of so much material things everyone could want in life. I believe love is first and then everything else follows. And it is working that way, and I am one of the most arrogant stubborn guys you would ever meet that would argue even with a cartoon on a page that couldn’t talk back. I believe in values, I always had, and the thing is I do see so much value in everyone yet it doesn’t always come out that way. Some I do believe can’t get away from old thought processes it is difficult for them to do so and i am dependant on others as my personal capitol isn’t that great. I really need to appreciate the value in my life and what was provided to me by so many sources. I do, yet somehow I have this problem with my past. I had found out if I stick with my objectives to keep pushing forward to create that one day too I can make the wealth I need so Terri and I can live a life without worry of bills or mortgages, or what have you. The relationships part of the book, and the conference was most important to me, it really was because of my difficulty in speaking. Others don’t understand me or my longwinded structural speaking. I get cut off a lot when I speak even if it is hard to adjust to that I still value those around me and their lives and mine and those that had given me an opportunity in a place where I feel I belonged. I feel I have talent and can be just as creative as others. Too I realize there are many great men and women out there of significant talent and are very bright. Never had I excused that as a thought. Though, after a long time of witnessing others in their everyday life I believe inside of me there is a lot of humans that lack belief in anything from their many times they had attempted to gain ground by belief and never went any were. And as many times as they had put forth effort they can’t move anywhere, financially or otherwise, they do realign stagnant waiting on this seemingly something that is just supposed to arrive at their door. My largest problem had always been myself and I realize that, yet indirectly I am different then others from birth, I think differently, even speak differently, and have this difficulty in refraining from being too upset so quickly like a short fuse verbally. There is this trial and error thing that had been mentioned by older persons, “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. Man, I had tried in many ways and in different ways and just kept being held back from reaching my ideal of life, to have the money I need so my love, my soon to be wife and I can be free from the common worries that plague each and every citizens, or had until neo-think came along. And if I am able to change the bad past of my life, and I had clean dup a great deal by the application of thought, I really believe anyone can. Yet at times I had sounded as if I am unhappy, that was direct cause and effect of others that had been around me. I get so frustrated from so many past failures of others brick walls, the tolerance level of some of the public is impossible to deal with. Yet, I learned to alter and change myself a little at a time. Someone told me, ”Patrick, you change your thoughts you can change your life and those around you everywhere on earth”. I believe that to be as true as the writing in the 3 heirloom manuscripts which is extremely valuable to those that own at least the slightest bit of conscious thought applied to value creation and emotional well being. The relationships conference was the most important to me as I see others differently by their words they use and what they are doing at the time or even how they are standing, etc. And, I learned from that experience in so many words, yet also knew them traits life long. Those that have such an aperture that is so apparent to their energy they give off that they aren’t bothersome, I seem to gravitate to in some accord. Yet, being one that really hadn’t many friends or relations, I find the mannered and well spoken the best even if they do see some difficulty in me being able to be calm. That is from too many bad experiences in my past life. There had been an unusually amount of experiences in my current life that were as blissful and as happy. That hasn’t happened too many times in my life which is why I ward away form others, I was just so fed up with not wanting to be baffled by someone else’s poor attitude. I think they should appreciate many things in their lives. I am not responsible for their own actions, they are, nor their words. I credited, with merit, neo-think many times believing it was a place where dreams come true, mine are, and I can see, and do know where everyone is at on the table. I choose the life or prosperity mentally and emotionally and financially with ideas and thoughts that offer value just like neo-think society. And, I fully appreciate and globally honor neothink society and mean that with very real intention. I am a good man on the inside and I am around others that equally have really great intentions regardless of shape or size. There has to be an acceptance of me being different just like how I tried accepting others because they were different. Those that make the most sense to me are those that put fourth effort towards accomplishment. I admit there are many that can get things done quicker because they can buy the most expensive things, and one day I will be there too, yet those that don’t have some of the basic foundations in life, will never graduate from their stagnation as stated in the heirloom book. I don’t have a lot of money at all. I had to buy things on pennies at times, yet that alone is enough to learn what appreciation really is, even when you have to walk to buy that one morsel of food from being so hungry. I do support neo-think, and fully honor Mr. Mark Hamilton and the rest of the members of the entire society. And, fully appreciate the time to write this tonight, 12:30 midnight. I have some things I have to do tomorrow and have to walk there as usual as i don’t have a car, yet at least I can make it to my destination and accomplish my goal because of determination to do so. That is the single most valuable tool in neo-think outside of the relationships conference, determination to want to be better and accomplish, the desire to make things better, cheaper and faster, and to have appreciation upon accomplishment. There isn’t much better then the rewards of personal effort.
From Patrick
P.S. I Love Terri.


Terri and I would like to acknowledge thanks to neothink society and in particular, Mr. Mark Hamilton. I loved the Miss Annabelle’s Secrets book and the entirety of the way it had been written, so had Terri. I read that book and do not feel there is any other book ever written that even comes close to that writing style, the entirety of the way it was written. That is the book of all books, it is that awesome and once more I really mean that. I wanted to express great gratitude and thanks to the Author of that book. Stienbeck and Hemmingway is one thing, yet Miss Annabelle’s Secrets really is the best story I had ever read. I was so absorbed into the written content of that book I can’t find the time to read anything else; it is like the alpha equals 137, after they find the sum of alpha =’s 137 there isn’t much left of anything. I know I shouldn’t have that mind set, maybe, yet maybe I should, though that was the most powerful feeling I had when I read a book. I keep thinking about the story each day; I seem to think of that story more than anything else. It is that compelling of a read it really makes a person think on how schools should be and the truth in learning and teaching children better ways of thought processes. That book should be taught to teachers in the current schools so they have a blueprint on how to train children properly. One thing I had found, if there seems to be a lacking of acceptance of others to change their beliefs in how they should be thinking currently. That is how I personally feel. They believe that the government is the only resource they have. They seem to have forgotten how to integrate their own thoughts and their own well being into something so much better. Even know I had taken a great deal of weight, I still upheld the prime laws and tried to share knowledge so others could benefit from correct knowledge. Truthfully most of them can’t seem to accept change in their life as they were told what they learned is all there is and it will never change for the better for them. I don’t feel the same way. I have a bad back and hip and feet yet I still get out there and shovel the snow and walk to get my daily activities completed. Too, a friend of mine named Tom, him and I are wanting to build a windmill together, he wants to be rich just like Terri and I do or those in the same criteria. He really wants to make honest money from his own creations just like I do, and it is really something at how he wants to learn. He is great person, just like a number of value creators I met.  I do what I can and try with all my effort to keep up. Though, I really feel that there will never be another story to top Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. That keeps playing in my mind. I plan on reading it again very soon as a form of not just entertainment yet a form of reality to fact and how it is supposed to be on Earth. I wish you all well, and offer my kindness and support and wish the same for us here at the house and for this part of the Globe, Joliet, Illinois. We could use a little good luck. Cornerstone Services needs the heat on over there with DHS. They are going to be working on the pipes over there. Take care and please do write back. Patrick



Although I am new to Neothink and the writings of Mark Hamilton I am very happy to write my testimonial in support.  When the opportunity came to join Neothink for my partner there was no hesitation in my mind and I was glad to pay the joining fee for her even though money was an extreme issue at the time.  The teachings of Neothink have already made a change in my life and my ability to use my thought processes though the teachings of Integrated Thinking contained in the book.  I feel myself slowly beginning to change and I am starting to overcome the different challenges that have plagued me so far in my life.  I feel the love and compassion contained in the writings of Mark Hamilton for myself and all of us as well and it is important that ordinary people like you and me have the opportunity to create a force for good to ensure that everyone will prosper as we all should.  We have a basic right and need to work together to create ourselves a prosperous civilization that we and our children will be able to live in joyously.  I feel that with the Twelve Visions Party that Mark Hamilton intends to start that we the people will have the most needed opportunity that politicians cannot and will not ever deliver.  I am happy to give my time as I am able to help with other people create this deserved bright future for us all.

With Regards

Graeme Y

New Zealand