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Who would have ever thought that here in the 21st century, in the age of communication and world wide web, in a time and place that we “think” we know so much and “think” that we are so well educated, who would have thought, that so many of us are living “in the dark”!? A dark world intentionally created for us by the greedy and corrupt who want to use our lives to make theirs better.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton for introducing my family and I to the “real” world of hope! Thank you for introducing us to a beautiful world of possibilities!!

Mark has taught us to think for ourselves-not to be blindly led. Mark has introduced us to a beautiful world where healthy, happy people live and work to their fullest potential and enjoy, once again, the value of pride in doing your best! Mark has introduced us to the abilities of the mind and to use it to its fullest extent! To use the greatest “gift” we have. How happy we are to now look forward to tomorrow because each day has a meaning!

Mark has showed us how to live in a world of happiness, well being, and hope for all!

Read what Mark has to say, THINK for yourself-instead of listening to what others have told you to be true, then see if you want to live in the world Mark describes or the one we have been forced to live in for many years!

Thank-you, Mark Hamilton, THANK-YOU!

Ruth C