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I am grateful of the value I received from Mark Hamilton’s Neothink literature and Neothink Society, as the knowledge gained from them can help the average person like myself with valuable life advantages that most people don’t know about and free their mind of mysticism and irrationality that they have been exposed to all their lives.
But what is more exciting and important to me about Neothink is the establishment of the Twelve Visions Party because its success of getting into White House, in as early as 2012, can help provide all the people with true, unconditional FREEDOM, PAY NO TAXES, allow businesses in all industries and geniuses to create new and better technology, enabling all the people to buy goods and services at fractions of their costs today , the two most important of which are each individual’s health and each individual’s protection against initiation or threat of force or fraud, using new military, police, and medical technology, to only serve one purpose: “To make all the people wealthy, healthy, and safe, including the poor”.
The Twelve Visions Party can start the new American Revolution and more importantly at this worrisome time in history, the never before seen HUMAN REVOLUTION, that will forever bring peace and prosperity to the world, not just in the United States.
TVP will allow businesses to build new and better military and police technology, to therefore bring more and better military and police PROTECTION to all the people, which is the only purpose of any government.
TVP will allow businesses to create new science and medical technology to cure diseases, including aging, and prevent or contain pandemics with new technology to catch up with or surpass and stop new or reemerging diseases, as the diseases gradually adapt to modern vaccines and antibiotics.
TVP will eliminate decades of increasing inflation as new and innovative technology created by burden-free businesses and geniuses will make goods and services extremely affordable to all the people, which includes benefiting from new medical technology for each individual’s health. New and better technology provided by businesses will mean more jobs are readily available and fulfilling to the all the people, in all industries.
Without the urgent success of the Twelve Visions Party in 2012 will mean business as usual for another four uncertain years under the Democratic or Republican party to try and fix our economy and growing poverty, in the short term, by borrowing more money or raising taxes, besides maxing out annual taxpayer funds, like some kind of luxurious credit card, without considering the long term consequences of all their policies and bills. With that in mind, people will most likely still be in poverty in the long term with the current policies in place set by both parties so far. Do we want to continue seeing this trend reoccurring every four years, always at the expense of taxpayer money? Flaw filled man made laws, instead of a universal prime law, will continue to keep businesses in most industries and geniuses from creating and improving technology that could truly benefit all the people for the first time in history. The Twelve Visions Party is reaching out to the masses now for a chance to save and change the world.


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WOW. If there has been any time in history to earn great health and live an honest life


I am extremely grateful for the information Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party has shared with me. We are all standing at a very important time in history!!!! Day after day we all are exposed to allusions from the Media and government authorities, just the other day the ex vice-president was on TV. He said that the present administration should have no power to investigate the past Busch administration, He also said that the CIA should never have to explain how it gets information from people. They hide behind an illusion that this information would be a threat to national security. The Twelve Vision Party is based on honesty, I highly recommend that anyone who is given the opportunity to view the information Mark Hamilton has put together do so it will change your life and the people around you forever. The values Mark Hamilton gives to society are huge, I am sure that as soon as the Twelve Vision Party makes an attempt to go public the authorities will use the media to create an illusion to silence Mark Hamilton. Don’t allow this to take place, If you are able to see past the illusion you will have taken the first step to joining a Neo-Thinking Society of pure honesty. My life has been taken to a level of enjoyment I only dreamed of before being exposed to Neo-Thinking. I will end with this thought; if the Busch administration would have spent the time and money creating values for society, that it spent on keeping the truth from coming out and creating illusions for its own agenda, we all would be living in a safer and much more prosperous time. We owe it to our children to learn the Value Creating concepts found in the Twelve Vision Party. Enjoy your journey to a new life through Honesty and a Neo-Thinking Society
Best Regards to a bright future,
Mr. Bryan Kent S