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Thank you Mark Hamilton for all that you have done.

I had just walked out on my job without notice. I was tired of being exploited by my employer & the system & getting no where. I knew that how things were was not right in spite of what my employer & others told me. I knew there had to be more to life. I received a letter in the mail from Mark Hamilton not too long after & read the whole letter. I ordered his book & ordered more books from him. I found what I was looking for! Everything in his books resonated with me. I found answers to questions that finally made sense to me. Mark Hamilton & Neothink took me on a journey of self-discovery & much personal growth. The best being that I could be myself unconditionally & I wasn’t going to hide my true self any more. I found true happiness. I found good, honest, genuine people to associate with in Neothink. My life has been changed for all the better & I continue to make more changes for my betterment & that of others as I continue to learn more. That is the key, learning more to become more! That is so fantastic!


Well generally speaking, I’m not one to get overly sentimental (though I suppose I do have my moments too). So how will I here make mention of a particular man – without getting soppy that is – who has tirelessly made it his life mission to come up with simple, honest and viable plans, creations and solutions for repairing all that has gone wrong in the running and operation of these United States? I guess I’ll just stick with the facts….

The man I’m speaking of is Mark Hamilton who has founded the new, “apolitical political party” called the: Twelve Visions Party. He has numerous publications outlining how such a monumental task as creating a new and improved United States can be carried out; his “Wealth, Health, Peace” is a “must read” and it offers detailed primary guidelines for making meaningful changes in the way this country is managed – real plans to be carried out, ensuring real representation “…of the people, by the people, for the people….”

Mark has also founded the Neothink society, along with all of its various departments that are poised and placed as cornerstones of a future America to be rebuilt in new awareness of the arts and sciences, superior medical, scientific and technological advances (including the exploration of achieving biological immortality), honest business and lasting peace and prosperity for all…true happiness. His model for America could well be a fine model for other countries throughout the world.

These endeavors in themselves are huge undertakings, but all-the-while HE manages to also be a devoted family man, an honest business entrepreneur, a wise and caring mentor and a loyal friend to all members of his Neothink society who also devote whatever time and efforts THEY can toward helping to create a brave new world for ALL AMERICANS.

How does one juggle all that in a meaningful and progressive way? It’s mind-boggling, yet he really does! So “hats off, and salutations to” Mark and his family for providing the honest hope and the reality based plans that this country and its citizens so desperately need and deserve. To say “Thanks Mark” is an understatement…but I smile as I believe I did manage to maintain most of my inherent asoppyfication! :)

Devotedly Yours Mark…Liz Szarka, New York