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Mark Hamilton,

Thank You so very much from my heart for the very educational prime literature into the Neothink mentality and Neothink world.

Also the Neothink Business education series on the mini Day with a company, this has immensely helped myself and m family.

Daily in our small MLM Business.


Welcome Brothers and sisters of the Universe!! Mark Hamilton is a honest illuminati, knowledgeable, integrated Prophet that this world needs today and in the future. He helps others like myself with his real, not imaginary
Literature to open our eyes to the battle going on with the Powers to be and this anti civilized, psychotic, corrupt, world we live in. Mark Hamilton generates ever-expanding wealth, health and happiness. I have always been an
activist for good against evil especially in the Educational field.
The powers to be screens materials for our children and young adults as what truths they deem they want us to know;
it’s when Mark Hamilton’s honest, deeply rational literature and investigative research that we the children of GOD/Man can learn to replace impoverishment with prosperity, stagnation with romance. Hatred with camaraderie, war with peace death with eternal life. Mark Hamilton should be the Prophet whom should receive a Super Noble Peace Prize. It is indeed a honor and privilege to join him and others in the Quest of righteousness.
In Humble Gratitude,
S.W. Cramer 3rd
Neothink Society Member
12 Visions Party Member
Neothink Warrior Member