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Mid-stream being in this case, one’s life…could happen at mid-life or any point in one’s life. And the horses being means thru which one travels thru this life and beyond. There is belief that you can never change course in life…once you have made up your mind. Or rather had your mind made up for you. Everyone in society is trying to mold you into something that fits society’s needs…while your needs are given short shift; down graded to dreams lost….
So…you have started on this journey on the path. The path being in this case…the means/way/methodology of attaining that higher state/purpose of being. Neothink gives you that better way to cross the streams of this life in the most efficient and clear-headed way. And it all has to with Mark Hamilton providing the methodology/way of attaining your true worth as a human being. And that is reaching your compete potential… thru Neothinking your way out; instead of reacting your into further the quicksand of life! Using the techniques given by Mark Hamilton…one is able to not only change horses in mid-stream but also get brand new horses in the bargain!
It all comes down to integrating the lessons/meeting essences into reality.
This is by seeing reality for what it is…that existentially we are brought down…but thru Neothink, we can rise to any level we want. It all takes is willingness to learn and adapt successfully the life altering principles of Neothink.
By seeing that it all essentially falls on the individual…we are made captains of our fate! For personal responsibility implies an innate knowledge of karma; and how karma works. Basically…karma makes us ethical. And by accepting our selves as the movers of our own fate; we free ourselves from the chains that society wishes to impose on us to keep us sedated and under control.
This makes us citizens of the world instead of citizens of part of it…thereby making our vision more holistic and whole!
For laws should be made from man…not God or the gods that may be imaged!!!
Thereby insuring equality and fair treatment for all citizens…Neothink citizens!