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Thank you Mark Hamilton! I am behind you 100%! I love what you have done for me. It means everything to me. Your literature is very powerful. My wife and I had a visitor not to long ago. I notice they look at me very hard like they wanted to say something. My wife walked them to the car to say goodbye to them. She came back in and said that they ask what in the world has he been doing? It has been only 2 months since I saw him. And it looks like he de-aged 20 years in 2 months! I cannot believe how young he looks! So my wife said that she told them the truth! That all I have been doing different is reading! Thank you again. Your literature is powerful.
Russel C. of Indian


This is most inspirational way of life
Knowing their is this wonderful truth of
Living the good life, that begins with
Honesty, and this comes through because
Happy like minded people moving in the
same direction, Mark Hamilton literature
Founder of the twelve vision party, allow
this for myself and others becoming the
person we were meant to be thanks to
MARK HAMILTON and Neothink Society,


My experience with the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton has been all positive. Don’t believe everything you hear or read that says otherwise. People are prone to fear when they don’t understand something- so it’s easier for them to get caught up in negative hearsay. It’s our responsibility to see between the lines and seek the truth, everything else is just gossip and it’s a waste of time and energy!
I’ve been completely happy with all my purchases from Neothink.. The books are high-quality and very interesting to read. One of my favorite books is the children’s book written by Mark’s daughter. It’s a beautiful book with highly colorful graphics that teaches children positive lessons such as being kind to others.
Tammy R


Hello my name is Jerry B
I’m writing this testimonial for MARK Hamilton for all of the books and other martial Ii have received from Neothink and it was awesome the martial was i opening ! I think in this country people should have the right too any martial they want to get exposed to for the truth !  just remember that the truth will always be the truth and a lie will always come out at one point and time..


Rhetoric, Rhetoric, is what politicians speak, I agree. But what do we speak? Is it truth, love, health, wealth? Mark Hamilton, has a vision to take the politician out of society, and replace them with with a government thats sole puropose is to protect the people,not to run businesses. The people will self govern themselves, to thrive and bring greter value to others quicker as there will be no beauracrats, interfering with the hand of Adam Smith.



An eye opening reality towards American government.  The truth will set you free.  That’s why corrupted mystics in government are trying to shut down Neothink.

-Shaun S



Mark Hamilton and the TVP has given me peace of mind.If I didn’t know about the Neothink world I would be scared to death right now.I would have no hope.We have to give the people hope to fight the Progressives and politicians we have now. Without hope for a better world a lot of people will give up We have to give them that hope.We have to show them the truth.We have to show them what WE stand for. We have to give them the PRIME LAW. If we could get a couple of states to start using the PRIME LAW we could show the rest of the states what we are all about.

Thank you Mark Hamilton



To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Mark Hamilton through the Neothink Society as his apprentice both in written book and on line video teaching!

The information that I have learned has proven to be life changing, opening doors for me that would have been other wise closed to me.

Mark Hamilton has valuable knowledge for the world to learn; his mission and his intentions is to share the truth as he sees it, with the world

This information must be read with an open mind and a open heart with a high teach ability index in order to receive the knowledge and be able to accept

The changes that we as earths global inhabitants must do in order to grow as one united family of value creaters for both ourselves and our communities!

O. T. D


Hello everyone!…The message that you are trying to “get out” is simple. Love for life and lives, truth, and a drive to keep improving. I say this, if a person (Mark Hamilton) is guiding others to be as happy as humanly possible, then that person is very selfish in the best interest of our world. When will we all learn that? If Neothink stands for this, then why are we not all Neothinkers?  Make it happen Mark, we will help you integrate these basic yet vital aspects of a Society. I value your appreciation for life’s most important rule, creating a better world for all the good people. Thank you Mr. Hamilton and all your staff.

Living in L.A,
Sako M.


I received your first book, read it and realized I am not alone in this crazy, frivolous world.
So many are fooled by the media, accepting all the foolish notions they (the media) puts in front of us. They have become a big advertisement for whatever wares they offer rather than to seek truth and to expose it. And if they have an agenda to destroy something or someone, they have become very capable in doing so. What they don’t realize is that not everyone falls for it.
The world, politics, police, and governments are corrupt and we are obligated to pay for it all through our taxes. I must admit that I don’t agree with everything in your books, but with most. From how to live respectfully and lovingly with those we share our lives with, to politics and how it should be run, to how no matter how well intentioned religion is, the damage it can and has caused, your books bring to light the wrong that is going on and how we, as individuals, can make a difference.
I have not been asked for a penny other than to purchase the books I have. I have purchased three books and have hope that I will one day find where my strengths are that will take me to heights I never imagined because of what I have learned in these books. It is one of the few purchases I have made that I don’t feel guilty about because as I said earlier, it gives me reason to believe that I am not alone in the way I think and how to live in the world I want to live in.
Keep going for it is through mistakes, hard work, and criticisms that all the greats have gone on to find their greatness.