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I’m not one to give testimonies but I decided I would do it this time. I read your material over several times trying to learn everything you wanted me to learn. I greatly appreciate the way you wrote it. It is simplistic and to the point. Since reading your material I have engaged in writing books. I have written two novels, one being edited now and will be published later, and the other, Mom-Bre, Is out as well as The Lonely Star which is a children’s book.
Neither have been a big success thus far but I have sold several copies. I have several more children’s stories to publish as well as several poems.
In using the turnkeys you presented has helped me in believing I will be a success in writing books. Your teachings has also helped me in public speaking. Now i am able to stand and speak with confidence about the subjects I am speaking about. Due to this confidence The A Team of Indiana has asked me to be the chairman of the TVP. I have written a poem for the TVP called ‘Monumental Change.’ I believe it will help us to focus on the task before us.
In conclusion, thank you for your books and the many things you have helped me to accomplish. Your belief in all of us to accomplish goals is highly commendable.
Thank you,
jim w