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My apprenticeship had taught me that the Twelve Visions Party envision a profoundly free, wealthy, healthy, and safety society that is protected by rules of flawless laws. I strongly believe that the more successful the American people remove the American politicians and law makers from making, interpreting and executing laws the freer, the wealthier, and the healthier that our people and nation will becomes. In 1215 A. D. the Europeans Magna Carta had begun a trend that restricted the rule of man which had made a prosperity climb for the European people which was for better living conditioning. In 1787 A. D. the American colonies crafted up a document, which was the United States Constitution of the thirteen original American colonies that restricted the rule of man from a foreign nation so they can enjoy an Unitarian prosperity in their new world and from a old world of tyranny, which this brought the majority of Americans to join a middle class static of this country. Which to me there was neither an upper nor a lower class group of people only a middle class. I believe that of the success of the Twelve Visions Party and this coming Amendment to our U. S. Constitution of the Prime Law that man will be completely remove from the man rule over others or from rule of man. This would make all of the people back to that one class of people, including the poor. It is an American author that dramatically advances another evolutionary period for the American people from the rule of man with his Prime Literature of the Prime Law, which Mark Hamilton


“In Recognition of Mark Hamilton”


The Neothink Societies, Twelve Visions movement, created by Mark Hamilton, is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. Obviously the current system is not working.
To improve my life and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party arm of The Neothink Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change


First of all I want to thank Mark Hamilton for believing in me. His writings have encouraged me to be what I want to do and have. Neothink has taught me a new way of thinking. I can now think my way through difficulties. His Neothink Inside Secrets give you the edge for living the best life that this world has to offer and the world to come. Personal wealth, health, and peace are attainable through the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party including the poor!

Yours Truly, T.C.


I do agree with Mark Hamilton’s statement about the rule of man as in “human” the rule of flaw filled humanoids has caused civilizations to not prosper i quote from his statement on the Twelve Visions Party web site, in order for a great nation such as the United States to prosper, government of the people need to “end the rule of man and launch the wealth of mankind” though self explanatory, because the current world we live in is not perfect neither is it the way its supposed to be, The Prime Law through the Twelve Visions Party should be implemented to bring about prosperity and wealth for every man, woman, child, teenager, half men, and toddlers.
The Neocheater Elite Ruling Class Cartel continuously control politicians to create flaw filled legislature for their own benefit, without considering you or anybody else that you can think of.
-Dr.Almas Nambabi


Mr. Mark Hamilton

This is Don Kerns one of your apprentice’s at Neothink Society.

I just watched your 15 minute video on the Twelve Visions Party

and The Prime Law, I must say that you delivered this message with

greatness and intensity.

I will send this video to everyone I know and also to Face book, Twitter and several other

social networks.

Again thanks so much for this great video and have a great evening,

Don Kerns


Dear Mr. Hamilton

- First I thank you for your books. I have read over twelve of them including Ms Annabelle.

- Second because of you I have (After 60 years)

discovered my Friday Night Essence


- So far one book is published.

The Ripple Effect (Count Down to Freedom)


Mark Hamilton,

It is with complete sincerity that I write this letter.


Dear Mark Hamilton,

It goes beyond words what Neothink has done for me and my life. It has been absolutely without any doubt that Neothink has improved my life for the better. To say that it is incredibly amazing is putting it mildly. I find it very crucial and essential to have Neothink in my life just like food and water. Through everything I have learned I have been able to see past illusions to see the essence of what really is. Especially the illusions of career politicians and congressmen and other big government agencies. Big government and big corporate executives thinking only of themselves and how much power they can get instead of thinking of the people. I have learned how to be a self-leader and not be swayed or moved by external authorities who try to make us think they are only doing things for the “social good.” Mark Hamilton and Neothink is the best thing to come to society, humanity and mankind. I am glad to be a part of it and the next higher thinking of mankind. I cannot stress enough how Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party are essential and crucial to not only America but to the entire world. I will always be eternally grateful to have Neothink in my life.


Walter L. Burton


I have spent my whole life, trying to buy a house, and make a decent living for myself. An have a family, But that hasn’t happened, not in this current society. I have spent the past 19month’s in a houseless shelter. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society an the Twelve Visions Party, show me how I can achieve my dreams. Mark Hamilton and Neothink Offer a better Life for the Whole Country, not just the rich ruling. The way the country is right now, We all owe it to ourselves to welcome a better way of life! Our current Government apparently doesn’t know how to save the country.