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Mark Hamilton,

I am so happy to be here and a part of some of the most beautiful minds in this world. We are all very grateful for the wonderful vision that Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions World is giving us to help create the C of U. There is something going on very special inside of me right now. I got the right information on life and how we got in this mess and how to get out.

It is a true blessing to find Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I do not know if you understand the law of attractions but it has a lot to do with why you are reading this and why you are here searching for the truth. There is something in life that only each of us can find. It lies deep inside of every one of us.

I am pleased to find you reading this and honestly I have to say it may have something to do with the truth about life and how to keep it here on this earth

I know understand why and how my thoughts got compromised thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and Twelve Visions World. I have never been so happy and the feeling is a little strange as I have never felt like this in other happy times? It is a happiness very deep inside that is pushing it’s way to the surface of my being. The soul is pushing up and into the REAL me. The person I was ment to be.

Thanks Mark Hamilton,


Twelve Visions World

My we live forever,

Renee Maira



Thank you Mark Hamilton.

You Have Created a very beautiful Reality which is being fulfilled, step by step, day by day, into that which be known as the Twelve Visions World, where people will want to live forever in a state of love, peace, joy, happiness, wealth, and perfect good health, instead of today’s world, where people are so lonely, and miserable, that they would rather put drugs into their bodies, suffer, and die than go on living in this messed-up politicized, beaurocratic, contradicting, dogmatically religiously controlled world.

Mark Hamilton. I am thankful to you beyond words, because the Twelve Visions World has already begun, in which people all over this planet have started behaving in the spirit of love and honesty, and I am loving it.

Mark Hamilton. I personally want t thank you, AGAIN, AND AGIAN, AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

with Love,

Patrick L.

Kingman, Arizona


Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party have enriched my life in so many positive ways: renewed hope and belief of a future in



By James David

Living in the wasteland

Of the anti-civilization,



Testimonial to: Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton: I have been a seeker of truth for a long time. I have read many books, articles and even wrote a small children


Mark Hamilton’s Neothink writings continue to have a profound impact on my life. Now that I am finishing the third heirloom, Ms Annabelle, I feel better able to piece together in my mind, the puzzle pieces of the imminent changes for individuals and society as a whole.

Society only changes for the better when individuals change.


Dear Mark Hamilton: I have been a seeker of truth for a long time. I have read many books, articles and even wrote a small children


My whole family, my wife, my two


I am Kenneth Townsend, a member of Mark Hamilton


Motivation Statement

From Gerry Regimbal

Dear Mark Hamilton:

I am now a pensioner and a five-year member of the Neothink Society. For many years I was plagued with continual uncertainty and indecision about the direction and quality of my life. Before I became a member, I was focused on putting out energy and effort in my work and business relationships and the responsibilities I took on were a continual upstream battle that did not go anywhere significant. I know now that I was maintaining the life I thought I had no choice to live. Through your mentoring, I have come to realize that my