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Greetings Mr. Mark Hamilton:
My journey since reading the heirlooms has been very interesting. When I first received the pamphlet two and a half years ago, I was just recently divorced.
My self esteem was very low and I mentally torn apart. In that pamphlet there was a story of man, whose wife cheated on him and eventually had another man’s baby.
The man also mentioned that he eventually got divorced and his ex-wife married the guy she had the baby by. The man expressed low his self-esteem was at that time, but his life started to change after he read a book from the society. He got his self esteem back and women wanted him, including his ex-wife.
My story is similar to his story. Since reading the heirlooms, my self esteem is at a all time high. I have been able to preserve through tough situations in this anti-civilization. I have always been on a quest to discover the secrets of the world. I have studied different religions and philosophies but after reading the heirlooms, I realized that the religions and philosophies are specialized usage of metaphors, similes, personifications, and parables to control conscious minds by mysticism.
The twelve vision party will be very useful because, it transcends race, class, and religion and it focuses on honesty at all times. If people is honest at all times and treat every individual fairly, the world would be a better place.
In conclusion, my journey still continues, I haven’t found the financial wealth yet, but I have discovered my ten second miracle and I now know that one day my wealth will come. Thank you Mark and Frank for your enlightenment.


For over two and a half years now I have been reading the works of Mark Hamilton and I must say that his books have had a profound affect on my mindset. I now have a clear and exciting picture of my future and the future of this planet.
The Neothink Society with its’ hundreds of thousands of members all around the world, many of whom I have had the privilege of being in contact with through various forums, events, webcasts has been nothing short of life-changing for this loner. I thank Mark Hamilton for introducing me to my enormous lost family of like-minded Neothinkers.
With the launching of The Twelve Visions Party and the many State affiliates now formed or forming has resulted in an avalanche of communiqués with many of my fellow Neothink Society Members. The love, encouragement and support that fills those communiqués is such a blessing to someone like me who felt alone in the world. I can’t imagine what the people of this world will do to survive the economic times we are currently faced with. If the future I foresee does not have a chance to manifest its’ selve through the Visions of the Twelve Visions Party in any and all countries that have Neothink Society Members in their populace; I shudder at the very thought. I for one am glad to have had the chance to read and think about the reality of what is happening all around us.
I feel confident that there actually is hope for this country and those countries who follow in our vision of a truly loving and honest way of life as described in Mark Hamilton’s’ writings.
Utopia is a dream where foolishness dwells because of lack of direction and a solide basis of building such a world. The Twelve Visions Party has not only the awareness of this solide building base; but it also has a plan where-by it can actually become a reality in our life-time if only we will let it become a reality.
Let us all give HOPE and VISION a chance to pull us out of Darkness.
Raymond Desmarais