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I am a Regional Sales Manager for a company who provides replacement parts to nearly every manufacturing sector in the United States.


Hi everyone my name is Kirk and I am proud to say I am involved with the
Twelve Visions Party. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s material regarding the
Neo-Think movement. He has opened my eyes to a new way of living and thinking.
He has great ideas and wants to better not only everyone here in the United States
but all across the globe. His Ideas want to make everyone Rich including the poor.
His Ideas are sound and make sense, they are not jibberish and his goals are
attainable. I encourage everyone to get his books and materials, and find out for
yourself. His books have helped me realize my


I am a member of Neothink. I joined last year in 2009. Since I have been involved in Neothink My life has changed, almost as if I stepped out of a bad dream and re-entered reality. I now think more clearly. I have a drive and purpose that I had never experienced before and I have much more control over my life. As this unlocking worked in me, I was introduced to the twelve visions party. At that moment I realized that I had allowed my life to be lived in a cage, a cage of misery.
Until I was awakened by the twelve visions party I had stopped voting. I had decided that my vote didn’t count. I believed that the cards had already been chosen and the agenda had been decided. I had come to the conclusion that involvement in government meant just going through the motions. The twelve visions party has open a way to which I can affect a positive change for the individual in the United States. It has shown me that government can be honest and that I as an individual matter in bringing about that way of governing. That is why I stand behind the twelve visions party and Neothink.



One year ago I started my journey with the Neo Think Society. My life has changed for the better. At work I have great relationships with my supervisor’s. I used to hate go to work

but Neo Think showed me how to look and see my job at it’s essence.

Mark Hamilton is a genesis. He has taught me how to be an integrated thinker. I have learned the secret to life and can never go back to the way I was.

I believe that the United States needs the Twelve Vision Party. The foundation of the TVP

is the Prime Law. In today’s society man has turned our constitution upside down. Man and our leaders put themselves above the law.

WE NEED CHANGE! The TVP will bring the needed change because it replaces man with Prime Law. Thank you Mark Hamilton for believing in me. I am so thankful that I am a member of the Neothink Society. All the best!

Dave Koppenhaver