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I think Neothink was a very realistic approach to the truth about existence and a way to create unity in human beings breaking things down to a simple way of just being in the moment and believing what is in the moment is all we really got and need Neothink was about eliminating to many wishful beliefs giving you the principles to take control of your own life instead of giving it over to external authorities which from your own experiences leave you nothing in return, Neothink was about believing we are the truth and way to our own advancement if we just believe it, to me that is what every great teacher and philosopher throughout our history stood for and tried to teach us.



The progress of the Neothink movement is blowing my mind. The unity is so amazing. Just like glue. There is such honesty and happiness between “the people” and we don’t feel like we are in the dark. Stimulation versus education is the key to success for all peoples. The urge to break-out is affecting more and more people, like myself. Together, we will!
Love and honesty,
Deborah S