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I have not pursued the fullest meaning and understanding of Mark Hamilton’s writings, but I believe he is right in his works. Society is out of proportion in it’s way of understanding and pursuing the right form of living to the fullest. We are not slaves to the upper echelon and everyone should know the truth about how we should live and prosper. I stand behind Mark Hamilton and I hope everyone learns from his thoughts and principles.
David L. Owens



Neothink Society has built a foundation of truth for my family. Today’s society is built upon generations of lies and deceit led and controlled by the upper echelon of old money and deeply buried truths. It is time to break through the illusions, unveil the deeply rooted truths masked by fear. Society as we know it today, no longer holds the promise for our children and our children’s children.  We must bust through to the other side of truth, our inherited birthright built upon our genuine forefathers, Our Constitution, Our by-laws, Our Declaration of Independence, Our Rights  I ask you to pull away the illusions, allow your heart of hearts to Know. Fully remember why we are here, Wealth, Health, Peace NOT for ONE but for ALL!  Mark Hamilton has diligently worked for many years TVP party challenges to the very core the non-functional, self serving, mind controlling Republican & Democratic parties…they’ve had us All fooled and filled with fear. Are you intelligent, dissatisfied with control?  We invite you to empower yourself with intelligent life affirming action. Do you want change? Take action Do something to create the change you are just dreaming of now…Join

Thank you for your time and consideration,