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I wish to offer my thoughts in regard to Mark Hamilton and his writings. When I was first introduced to the writings I was frightened because Mark Hamilton challenged me to think for myself and no longer be allowed to be manipulated by others.Mark Hamilton accomplished this by first causing me to first look at myself and understand not only the complexities of myself but also the simplicity of my nature. By understanding my nature I could understand others. How has this benefited me? I am more alert to the world around me now and can make more rational integrated decisions about my life. The illusions which in the past consumed me no longer dictate and direct my life. I have found a profound happiness in myself thru the understanding of the Mark Hamilton literature .I now believe I can become the person I was mint to be. We all have a desire to become more than we are and Mark Hamilton has given me the tools to build a reality of my own choosing. I have a great respect, if not love, for MH. His passions for the world have become my passions. Seeing the world through the integrated understanding of MH,I can only share in his desire to see a better world and a better life. There have been people in history who through an action or spoken words have impacted many other lives probably not realizing the impact they have made, for example a mere photo of a few solders razing the US flag on the battlefield, or the words spoken I HAVE A DREAM and so many countless others have caused people to rally to a cause. Some have made their lives known through the examples the lead.MH is more than any of those examples of others of which we may relate to. His writings dictate to us thru integrated thinking that we must move beyond the destructive nature we are in today and reach for a life of peace joy and love. Many have tried thru art or literature have attempted to influence others in their thoughts and dreams but no one since Jesus has set truth and reality in its place like Mark Hamilton. I am not attempting to idolize MH but to relay a certainty of fact that his teachings stand up to any scrutiny thru logic and understanding .I offer my opinion in regards to MH. No one has ever had more of an impact on my life than the man Mark Hamilton. Robert A