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I have learned so much form reading the three heirloom book and the Pax book as well. All of it makes more sense then going against my own nature and doing things that did not make me happy. No I did not turn into a millionaire yet but I am working my way there and I do not want to be in a routine rut all of me life I started writing my first book and I am working on getting patterns for my inventions. I realized that a title means nothing and your not able to control someone else’s intake or reaction to a situation. Biological immortality is absolutely possible only if there in more of a drive for it from the public I also learned that the pieces of the puzzles do fit together as long as you work on them. Minnie days are efficient and I use the life chart on the first day of every month. I have a abundance of useful knowledge from reading these book and I highly recommend the lessons in them to everyone Mark Hamilton is not a monster he is a eye opener asking you not to glance at the world around you but to inspect it and find everything that you will ever need from within it especially yourself. He talks about Friday night essences really and truly looking into yourself in order to find what your good at. Then creating something out of it instead of being a producer for the rest of your life reaching the end and wishing you had done something different really grabbed on and followed your dreams.