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Hi Mark Hamilton,
I got something to get off my heart. I have a
vault that sits on my heart that runneth over with
wonderful news from the civilization of the universe
that’s coming soon. Mark I commend you the
utmost respect for caring about humanity the way
you do. There are million and one things you could
be doing .But you choose to help better the world.
please keep up the good work.


Dear Mark Hamilton, My brother and I ponder your idea of coming out with an Ad in the Newspaper.
Follow your Vision, like in the Miss Anabelle Story. Let 1 or 559 people circulate in society for a year, such as David did. Preaching like David Did. You are much to valuable a player to be crushed by those negatives in the anti-civilization.
The MLM idea was the same. Good job in not going that route!
I am a Mother raising her son, Christa Walter, level 9 apprentice. I have the utmost respect for your Visions, they must live forever and take hold in this era. That will not happen if you do a head-on with the anti-civilization Man. As a Native of Kansas we are completely into your ideas and strive to be entrepreneurial in all our endeavors. With Respect. Ms. W