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The Neothink Society is an elegant society of integrated individuals committed to building life-long relationships of those who want to live a life of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Creativity in a Safe Environment, so these values will grow and thrive.

The Neothink Society is based upon the Prime Literature of our Society, which reveals to our members the fundamental truths and laws which govern success in life.

•    Learn how to use dynamic business tools to increase your productivity…for measurable real-life results.
•    Learn about wealth building by creating useful, valuable products and services, that the world “just can’t wait” to pay you for!
•    Learn how wealth is a lot more than just money!
•    Learn why honesty and integrity and some of your most valuable assets.
•    Learn to view the world from a new perspective, an integrated viewpoint, from which you can easily predict future events.
•    Learn how to break out of boredom and stagnation into exhilaration, by unleashing the true motivation within yourself.
•    Learn how to release the true wealth within yourself, nurture your genius, and create values which will enrich all mankind!
•    Learn to recognize the unique value each person has inside themselves, and how you can help them to realize their essence.
•    Enter a world of non-stop adventure and amazing discovery that will show you how to “play” at work, while having fun earning a living, doing what you love to do!
•    Become a member of a group of like-minded committed people, who intend to put a SMILE upon the FACE Of  THE WORLD FOREVER!

I have personally experienced all of these things since I became a member of  The Neothink Society.                            2

My dad told me once, “Be afraid to die until you have created something of value for mankind”.  I never completely understood what he meant by that.    Now, I do.  Now, I can do it and I will do it.  And the strange part is….I am no longer “afraid to die”, nor, am I afraid to live .

I am having so much fun, and have found such strong purpose in my life, that I never want to die!

I have made many valuable life-long friends.   I want to stay and play the game of life because now I have total certainty that I will win!  There are more exotic places I would love to see in the world. There are many exciting
things I still have left to do. There are millions of wonderful smart people I have yet to meet and learn from!

I didn’t always feel this way about life. In fact, I had almost given up because it was so boring, seemed to lack any meaningful purpose and was just not FUN anymore.  The Prime Literature gave me so many insightful truths into why I felt this way and what I could do to change life’s circumstances, that it turned my life around!

If The Neothink Society did that for me, just imagine what it can and will do for you!

If you are not yet a member…Hurry up and join!
If you are a new member, stick around…..The FUN has just begun!  And the BEST is yet to be!

Claire Marie Racine
Sacramento, California



Try this: Imagine something that you value. Imagine having more and more and more of that coming into your life! Imagine all of the good things that life has to offer you, all coming into your life. Not only do you see the incredible loving interactions, you also see new valuable ideas and new valuable products. Ten years from now there will be new inventions that you currently have NO IDEA that they could ever be available to you. Yet THEY ARE COMING! The Geniuses of Society are working right now to bring them to you!

I can hardly believe the incredible power that the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts have unlocked with in me! I can see all of these good things flowing into my life, and already I’m taking my life to the next level by working to bring YOU the FUTURE INVENTIONS as Fast as I can! I can hardly wait to show you the incredible things that I’m creating for you!

Consider joining the Neothink Society and its incredible Business Alliance – they will be the first to receive the benefits of what I’m creating -> they are busy creating incredible values for me and my family too! We’d love to help you take your idea to the next love!

I’ll see you sooner or later in the incredibly exciting, stimulating, enjoyable, and happy future that we are creating!

Love from the Future!