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I don’t know why I opened that one certain letter that came in the mail three months ago. Telling me I had been picked because I was special. I opened it, and could instantly relate to the truths in text as I read.

You see. I had been searching so desperately for the truth. Not money, not spiritual guidance but the truth. I knew from the very first book that wealth, health and prosperity came to those of a conscious mind. I could not figure out at the time what it was that I was missing in my life.

The first literature that ever held me spell bound. It was like the book was written to paralleled my life and all of a sudden the keys to the kingdom fell into my insignificant hands. Hands that I had worked hard with all my adult life.

The more I read the more I realized that I should have been working with my brain. I could have saved myself along time ago. I do not dwell on the past. Even though the events in my life shaped and molded me for Neothink and I didn’t know….. I didn’t know.

Then Marks words reassured me that it was not my fault. Knowledge had been misplaced for thousands of years. I was taught to be ignorant. To be a under achiever just so I could provide values for someone else to become rich.

Then on my third manuscript I truly realized what I had to do to become euphorically happy with myself. I had to shed the anchors that kept me from being a complete success. It was at that moment that I felt the jolt of the universe coursing through my veins. A energy that I had not had in a very long time. Not since my youth.

I could feel energy around me, about me and most of all through the passion of my words on paper and to others. I had found me!

I ask myself often what I would say to Mark Hamilton if I ever had the pleasure of meeting him in person. What can you say to someone that has given you your life control back? I would have to say the strongest word I know in the human conscious mind of the God-man universe. Mark Hamilton I thank you from the deepest resources of my being. That being said is the strongest words in context but the single most powerful word is “LOVE.” I love you as I love myself, brother , friend, and mentor.

Thank you: Rex Coker


          I feel I’m in a like minded group of people that will help me to grow. The Neothink will help me become the person I was meant be. The society we live in today will never let this happen because they spin a web of illusions, so they can drain all of our money and dreams from our veins and minds in the name of doing good for us! 

          We need to stand up and open our eyes to what’s going on!

We need to see past the gobbling politicians and take back the child they have stolen