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If you search back throughout your life, I trust that you can find one moment of real happiness. Everyone should have at least one moment in his or her life, for at least a split second, when everything felt right with your life. It’s sad to imagine that there are people who have never had that experience, but looking around I think it must be true; the Burden of Life hangs heavy on so many people. Feelings of failure and that all worthy goals are impossible to reach keep people addicted to their prime time escapes from reality. Those who attack Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party have a vested interest in keeping people drunk and dumb while commercials define what is needed and wanted.
But the Geniuses of Society cannot be stopped. We are creating incredible opportunities for anyone who would like to unplug from a life of stagnation and decay, and tap into a whole new world of excitement where everyday can be the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! What will life be like? Imagine discovering a new passion, a game that is so fun and stimulating you can hardly break yourself away from it, and imagine that by playing this game not only do you have FUN, but you also GET RICH! and not only that, by playing this new game, YOU MAKE OTHER PEOPLE RICH TOO! Finding and Creating such games is what Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party are all about! Such games ARE POSSIBLE and more are being created EVERYDAY! These new games will obsolete many aspects of modern society; everyone who currently benefits from degradation and addiction and violence and force feels threatened, because the NEW MILLIONAIRE games of the future will take away their market share. Little do they know that they will benefit beyond their wildest dreams, as all people will, as these new games are unleashed!
What will these GAMES be like? How do they work? What is the secret? Each person will find his or her own version, many examples already exist! Every Artist has already found it! Skilled Artists are DRIVEN by the Fire of their Passions to create incredible works, as they hone their skill and elevate their subject matter, they attract larger and larger commissions; their creativity enriches the lives of their patrons, as they grow wealthy themselves! They have found the KEY: VALUE CREATION that aligns with their PASSION!
Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts can show ANYONE how to find their Passion and turn it into a VALUE and PROFIT creating BUSINESS! I’ve DONE IT, and SO CAN YOU! The Twelve Visions Party is the political party formed by Value Creators and Geniuses that will ensure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to FIND the GAME that is right for him or her that will not encroach upon the rights of others to Discover and Play their own GAMES of VALUE CREATION!
Whenever ANYONE creates a new MILLIONAIRE GAME filled with Passion and Creativity, EVERYONE benefits! I would be HONORED to help you find yours!
See through the illusions, and see who is REALLY CREATING VALUES, Defend the rights of VALUE CREATORS to start and operate their Businesses with the least Burdens Possible, Enjoy voluntarily doing business with them, Discover GREAT DEALS on the Incredible Values that they produce.
The WORLD of EXCITEMENT that Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party represent is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! But 300 Million Millionaires All DRIVING on their PASSION, playing MILLIONAIRE GAMES that drive the wealth and standard of living of EVERYONE beyond our wildest dreams… THIS IS REAL! IT’S COMING! You can HAVE IT NOW! And with each new MILLIONAIRE GAME that is discovered, it will become increasingly obvious that the NEW WORLD STIMULATIONS will out-compete and out Stimulate the old decaying world of stagnation. DITCH IT NOW! DISCOVER THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE! This IS what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!
- Yon C