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A journey I started over 30 years ago…seeking something greater than myself when friends started dying from AIDS virus.
AIDS and resulting deaths of friends…lovers; made me search for way in terms of understanding; and of attaining some relief from the daily assault on myself and rest of my tribe!
Discovering Buddhism helped me manage that pain and separation; and gave me not only hope but of a way out.
A way or path towards liberation…or at very least transmuting the suffering going on…inwardly and outwardly.
So I spent twenty years following Sogyal Rinpoche, author of Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
I had my daily practice and went to monthly classes…went to the Clearlake retreats yearly. And even to France to attain further teachings; this time in the Ngondro practice.
However, there reached a point recently…where I felt I couldn’t go any deeper into the teachings. I suppose it had more to do with lack of faith…maybe lack of application. But I couldn’t integrate the teachings I received or all the practices that were designed to elevate.
That is where Mark Hamilton came into my life with first his three volumes…giving me a road map; a way of getting out of this sorry mess. Not only getting out of my existential dilemma; but of achieving something greater…a way of expanding my consciousness to much greater degree!
So thank-you Mark Hamilton for your continue guidance; and empowering mentoring!