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When I first was approached by Neothink, I was intrigued and looked forward to seeing what the Neothink world consisted of.
I did not ask questions. I waited impatiently for the first book to arrive. I read the entire book in three days and went on to reread it twice more, while I waited for the next semester at UAF to start.
I am a social work student at UAF. I work in human services with severely emotionally disturbed children.
When I see how bad the world treats children, I look forward to the coming of the TVP and the new world that will come from it. I see so much pain in the children I work with that I try to offer emotional support to them so they feel someone cares–that they are not abandoned by their parents who can no longer deal with behaviors that they created in their own children.
My vision for the new world is a world where children will no longer be emotionally scarred by those who are suppose to care for them and that those who have been scarred can find healing in the new world order.



Greetings to all. Let me start by making a long story short full of honest facts that are not taken out of context. Neothink, Neothink Society, or the Twelve Vision World is the universal, and honest way to all aspects of life. Without fear to mention ther is a war or battle between to worlds; the dishonest antcivilization vs. the honest Neothink civilization. I have recapture this new world and way of thinking honestly from birth as a child eleven years ago. I am rebirth back to my origin as a human being and my mind is free from the lies and illusions of that fake, powerless, leeching world and the corrupted ones with their false authority to control others. Thanks to Neothink, Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society the battle can be won beyond victory. Neothink is life and shall prevail over death.