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Dear Mark Hamilton,

This letter is a personal Thank You note to you and all involved in the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society. I am very


Hello everybody.
My name’s Issa
To start this I got to say that joining the Neothink Society and the TVP founded by Mark Hamilton it was and still and will be the best thing in my life, the integrations that I’m in is indescribable and the readers will not feel and understand this until you out there involve and allowing your self in , in order to realize and discover you ability to create and to be happy to realize you own ability to lead your self and to live the life you meant to live, and truly it’s priceless, you need to know that your life is yours and our business here in the Society because we complete each other, your value creation is for and mine/our is for you.
We’re a happy family and you deserve to be among like mended people for you to get away from the created illusions and stagnation around you.
I said this before and I’m saying it know once you discover your true creativity and happiness and live the life you meant to live you can never go back.
Our mentor Mark Hamilton and his family dedicated his/their life’s to humanity to see beyond the created illusions and start seeing the true me/us.
I’m lucky and want to have you all be like me/us happy and healthy and soon will be very wealthy and this’s the propose of the TVP (twelve Visions Party).
is to Make All People rich Including The Poor.
Thank you for reading


I just want to share my impressions of the Neothink


Mark Hamilton

The Neothink literature I own is a product that accentuates the positive and elements the negative insight of all things. Further it shows what’s wrong in this country and the world and is actually playing itself out in daily events that get reported.
The ruling class has now the American people to battle with. With new party affiliations emerging, what neo-tech speaks about is coming to pass proving the people are feed up. With the Twelve Visions Party advocating the ideas of value creation by every individual for themselves and for a better society and with the support of our members


Our countries


Hello Mark Hamilton,

I just want to take a little time to tell you what the Neothink, and Twelve Visions Party has meant to me this far. I have only been made aware of this awesome organization for a short while now. However my involvement


I want to share my utmost gratitude for what your literature has done for my entire life.



The Twelve Visions Party <TVP>


My name is Ralph Menchaca, and I belong to the Twelve Visions Party. I am a Visionary member for the TVP, and also a participating member of of the Neothink Society.

Mark Hamilton is the Founder/Mentor of the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party.

The Prime Literature written by the Founder/Mentor, Creates the TVP,Visions, Ideals, Business Dynamics, and


The Twelve Visions Party as well as Mark Hamilton could be a platform from which unfathomable goodness could come from if brought about and forward.


I have read about the Twelve Visions Party and I feel that everyone on this earth should be rich.