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In a world where there is so much lying , deceit and dishonesty, where the
strong attack , kill and plunder the property of the innocent and weak , it is both refreshing and hopeful to have been introduced to Mark Hamilton’s  Neothink society and the Twelve Visions Party

If our civilization is going to advance onto the future and continue to thrive we would need a global society where the human rights of every and all individuals are protected regardless of race , creed , color, social standing and geographical  location. The protection of individual rights and their property should be afforded to all humans throughout our world. The main goal of any government, authority or power should be the facilitation of such protection.

I sincerely believe that Mark Hamilton and the mentors of the Neothink society along with the Twelve Visions Party are dedicated to this purpose. The voluminous writings that I have received from the Neothink society , which are mainly the works of Mr. Hamilton , has had a profound impact (for the better) on my way of thinking , my way of looking at this world and the people that inhabit it. Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts are  written    intelligently , concisely and with a conscious honesty that surpasses all literature that I have encountered in my life. The advocating for honesty and business-like hard work is the prevailing theme throughout these writings. These concepts are not necessarily revolutionary in scope , they have been around for ages. We tell our children… be honest , word hard and you can achieve anything you desire in this life – including happiness. I don’t know what happens to us when we grow up , but if the current world situation is any indication , it would appear that most of us have lost those principles and values somewhere along the way. The ideas put forth by the Neothink society , in my opinion , is an attempt to get back to those principles and values… to be honest , business minded , and work hard for your rewards , trying not to waste time , not taking what isn’t yours or forcing others to give up what’s rightfully theirs.

with sincere honest ,