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Dear Mark Hamilton, I want to thank you for sending me the invitation into the Neothink society back in 2005. Since I have been a member of Neothink my life has improved in many ways. the Neothink writings that i purchased from you have advanced the powers of my mind, made me more intelligent, and have given me advantages in most situations, as you know my friend getting right to the essence of things, getting right to what is always makes things go much more smoothly. we do not want to create problems where no problems exist, that is a waste of time. we want to create values by getting to what is, like you so brilliantly wrote about in your Neothink books! I am glad to see that the Twelve Visions Party is moving forward. as you mentioned in your Neothink literature and the video on the Twelve Visions Party website the anticivilization is deteriorating rapidly. the catastrophic era is here and by using Neothink, going with my gut feelings, and getting into the intense meditations that I love so much i can see the collapse of the dishonest anticivilization coming soon. TVP is the solution to correct so many of the problems that we see now. your friend! jeremy


Hello, Mark–I am so glad to have received your books. They have changed the way I think towards government, city, county, state and federal. It has also changed the way I live my life. I have finally gotten the courage to begin my own small business, which my husband thinks is a total waste of time and money, especially if the money is not being used on what he wants to spend it on! But, this is my life and I decide how to live it, thanks to reading all three volumes I bought from you. I also see the potential for the future, a future where everyone can be self-supporting, financially independent and happy, thanks to the Neothink Society!


My experience with the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton has been all positive. Don’t believe everything you hear or read that says otherwise. People are prone to fear when they don’t understand something- so it’s easier for them to get caught up in negative hearsay. It’s our responsibility to see between the lines and seek the truth, everything else is just gossip and it’s a waste of time and energy!
I’ve been completely happy with all my purchases from Neothink.. The books are high-quality and very interesting to read. One of my favorite books is the children’s book written by Mark’s daughter. It’s a beautiful book with highly colorful graphics that teaches children positive lessons such as being kind to others.
Tammy R