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Throughout the world, we as a society have experienced manipulation for several thousand years, maybe even longer. The emotional and mental manipulation of the masses today involves the wealthy elite, multi-national corporations, including Wall Street, health care, and insurance companies, various governments, and a host of religious organizations, who often conspire with each other when it is mutually beneficial. This should be extremely obvious to any person currently experiencing the world in general. We are continually being lied to by those in control or power regarding just about everything that is actually happening, rather than the purposefully distorted versions we receive regularly through the various media outlets. Individuals having commonsense are beginning to see various aspects of truth, as the lies become more transparent and revealed.
I do not believe that any of us want to continue believing in media lies, nor have the wealthy elite continue to control of our life circumstance and individual creative mind potential, which includes financial prosperity, along with living in a truly enlightened society. This current process of mental control can be extremely difficult to overcome, dismiss, or release. We require a point of reference to compare with the status quo. If you want to experience self-empowerment, and be an active participant in changing our manipulated living conditions, then do yourself a favor and check out Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton. Do your own research, rather than believing what others might say. Any person can write anything on the Internet, and through word context manipulation make complete fabrications seem extremely believable.
Do not be trapped into forming an opinion offered by others, which would include this view. Go to the official Neothink Web site and see for yourself what Mark Hamilton is attempting to accomplish for the “greater good” that involves each of us. His shared information speaks for itself. It makes sense and resonates with truth. You will notice that things said against Neothink and Mark Hamilton do not offering any concrete opinions, workable solutions, or legitimate disagreements, but are consistently aimed at clearly discrediting and destroying him and the society he has worked at creating for the past thirty years of his life. In America, and elsewhere in the world, nothing else is even close to working at this time. The world is currently free-falling into disorder and chaos, which is no a secret.
Why not support any individual, like Mark Hamilton, who is thinking outside-the-box with new creative, intelligent, carefully considered detailed approaches and plans that actually do make sense and could work. Please do not let the powers to be, yet again, discredit and financially destroy an individual who is attempting to empower us “We the people”. Mark Hamilton is making himself a target for the wealthy elite to move his plan forward. He is one of us, “We the people”, and has earned our collective support and trust. Someone, named Mark Hamilton, has stepped up and said NO MORE LIES in a very public way because he believes in “We the people”. All he is asking from you is to voice your opinion about his work and what he has to say. Shield his principles and new societal approach from those seeking to discredit and destroy him and his Neothink creations, which serve the “greater good”, instead of a select few.
Individuals willing to risk their life accomplishments for the “greater good” are extremely rare in today’s society, but Mark Hamilton is one of those few. If “We the people” still exist in this pretense of a democracy then we cannot afford to sacrifice another visionary free-thinker to the media machine and political power brokers. Mark Hamilton has already done most of the work. Why not allow him to complete his plan and see what happens. There is no down side for any individual, except those currently in power. “We the people” have to at least tell those in control that we support Mark Hamilton and his Neothink literature by flooding the Internet with support for Mark Hamilton. I am talking about hundreds of billions of individuals who are ready to take control back from the wealthy elite and corrupt governments around the world. NO MORE LIES. Do not let the powerful media falsely manipulate public opinion against Mark Hamilton. “We the people” are an extremely power tool that when used collectively and appropriately can usurp any prevailing elite power structure and they obviously know this. We have a black president in the United States because of “We the people”. And “We the people” must support Mark Hamilton to save ourselves and many others trying to survive throughout the world in these extremely difficult times. Consider this very carefully for there are no other readily available options at this point. Like Mark Hamilton, I also believe in “We the people” and I hope this message reaches hundreds of billions of individuals who also believe in “We the people”. If there ever was a time to support a specific individual, it would be NOW, and it would be MARK HAMILTON.



I joined Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Society because of the enormous amount of mental stimulation I found within the Society. There are thousands of pages inside the Neothink® Society library, this information is such a valuable asset to gaining iron grip control of everything in my life, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I highly recommend everyone join the Neothink® Society for the love, compassion, understanding, and the willingness of all the members to reach out and help each other and to work together towards common goals.

The Twelve Visions Party® and the Neothink® Business Alliance work closely together to bring Wealth, Health, and Peace to everyone in this country, Including the Poor! There is an opportunity for anyone in this country that is willing to take responsibility for everything you do in order to live a better life, and to lift yourself up out of the suppressed class, the working class, and move into the wealthy elite class. That opportunity is readily available for anyone who wants it; Mark Hamilton has given us a blueprint on how to achieve this in his book, Wealth, Health, Peace!!!

With the Twelve Visions Party® and with the information in Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature everyone can live the exhilarating life we were meant to live!

Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

With love, Kenneth Townsend