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I am a 59 year old, father of four and have10 grandchildren. I joined Mr. Hamilton several years ago with the Neothink Society. I am not by any means a great scholar, nor a wealthy man. My attention for reading is poor. My only income is social security disability, which doesn’t amount to much. Mr. Hamilton, with his books, showed me something that I always dreamed of. That I could change my life, and be a much better man than I have ever dreamed of being. No, I am not wealthy, but my outlook is totally different than it was only a few short years ago. I know that when I am totally focused on what I have been taught, and I put it into action, what ever it was, has come to me. Through his manuscripts and his letters to me, I know that there is absolutely nothing I can not do or accomplish. When I can focus, I’ve reached goals that were beyond my comprehension. I have never been one to keep my eye on the prize, so to speak, but it somehow worked out each and every time I thought about anything and put forth the effort to see it through, the prize was mine for the taking. And when I have so much to do and I sit back for a few minutes to think about how to get everything done, I can micro manage my time by and do things in order or groups and give myself a time limit to do what ever I need to get done, sure enough, everything gets accomplished and with time to spare .I founded a Philadelphia Mummers Band called the Irish American String Band back in1999. At the time, no one thought I could do it, including me. Well it got started and some others took over and literally, pushed me aside. After joining Mark Hamilton’s society, I was able to take control back and remarkably, in the past two years when there was no money from our city to have our parade, my band, the Irish American String Band was able to march with full costumes up Broad Street. Now, at this time, bands that were power house bands for many years, are in jeopardy of closing down. There is not enough money for any of the bands to earn thru out the year to pay for costumes which in some cases run well over the $100,000.00 mark. These bands are in serious jeopardy of folding and some how my little band is staying alive. I know that the “Ruling Class” will attempt to discredit Mark. In the same way that Kevin Trudeau was. But for me, I truly believe that Mark will come out on top. We, here in this country, believe in what the media tells us to believe, and they will tell you over and over again that Mark is a scam artist, Just like our elected officials, they only tell you what you want to here. They tell you enough times, over and over again and we believe it. Then as soon as they get elected, and do not deliver on their promises, we all say that we knew they were lying. Well, I for one, will believe in Mark Hamilton. Just ask yourself these simple, little questions. Can you answer any of these old commercials.
1 I’d walk a mile for a ……
2 …… is the one beer to have when your having more than one.
3 …… taste good like a cigarette should.


In my life I have always been a man who has been an independent individual. Though I recognize the influence and teaching of others have contributed to my thoughts and development I none the less have preserved my individualism. One day, three years ago, I received a letter that perked my interest in many ways; this letter was from Mark Hamilton. I have always had a vision, a dream so to speak, of a wealthy man pulling up beside me in a limousine as I am walking down the road, opening the rear door and asking me if I wanted to learn how to make it in the world and become wealthy. The first letter from Mark Hamilton was the realization of that vision and dream. It was not a limousine nor have we ever met in person but what he reviled to me in that letter, the letters that followed and the literature that he presented to me not only opened my mind and eyes on how to live a life of wealth, it showed how I could live a life of Peace, Health, happiness and Love. Mark Hamilton Literally took the growth of individualism within me and fertilized the ground it grows in. Mark Hamilton’s work gave me the knowledge to organize my life and take control of everything that passed through my life. It showed me how to manage time, the knowledge to integrate, the importance of business and the beauty of creating. Mark and the Neothink Society has opened closed doors and presented a new way of thinking more dynamic and exciting then all the self help and motivational books that I have read combined. The value in what I have learned far outweighs any money I have invested to gain that knowledge. Then there it the Twelve Visions Party, the fruition of hope, that brings the future of a life of Health, Happiness, Wealth, Peace and Love to everyone. The TVP will bring and make paramount the right of the individual by introducing the prime law, a universal law which will govern us. It opens the door where individuals come together and share their ideas and creations through the free open market. The prime law, the right of the individual will eliminate and set us free of Initiatory Force which is any action that is harmful, dishonest and wrong. With the prime law in place and the right of the individual honored we will no longer need Native American Indian Rights, Black Rights, Woman’s Rights, Hispanic Rights, Minority Rights, Homosexual Rights and on and on. We will be protected as individuals to chose and live the way we are and wish. There is no better freedom than that. Free to create, free to accumulate wealth, free of government interference, free to live the lifestyle we chose. Before you judge Mark Hamilton, take the time to read his literature, know the purpose of Neothink and what it can do for you and take a look at what the Twelve Visions Party proposes to make us a freer Individual, people, nation and world. I am sure you will find that the value you receive will be well worth your time.
Shanawa C. Littlebow



I remember my first of course was my Dad. And then came my next one, from a visionary by the name of Walt Disney. It was back in the fifties. His name was Zorro. He wore a mask because he wanted to protect the people he loved and cared deeply about, from being threatened, or harmed from the evil ones, who wanted to be in control of everything, the people, their money, their lives. Zorro was a wealthy man who wanted people to be free, happy and in control, like himself, of their own lives. This man is what we all understand is a Hero. Through time there has been many hero’s of this type. If you “think” about it I’m sure you will come up with some. It’s been awhile since such an individual has given time to try and accomplish this same thing. When they do show up, the “evil” ones try to pound him into the ground and throw dirt on him, so they can be in control of everything without repercussions. My dear teacher, (because I’ve read his literature) and his movement to change this vicious circle, is one of these Zorro’s today in this time.

Search your soul’s for what you know is the truth, (not the media), for your children and your children’s children. Until this happens, the “vicious” circle will continue.  With Mark Hamilton and the TVP Party…You have a TRUTHFUL choice.

Sincerely, Fly above it all

Jon R