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I am taking the time to write the testimonial of the value I have received from the Neothink Packages and the meetings that I have observed so far that you have been conducting.  My testimonial is short but I have to say that I have received a good deal of wisdom and other qualities from the Philosophies of all these materials those main qualities being Determination and the Willpower to get yourself up and make things happen, you the individual must make things happen and push and strive with your best attempts when seeking something out.  The individual has the potential to constantly improve, gain and absorb knowledge and absorb life’s experiences into the mind and all these things improve that individual. 

In my case I pushed myself to buy this computer so that I can view these meetings,  I never had a computer or much of any knowledge as to how to operate one but since I purchased this computer this year I have learned tremendously about using it, the internet, emails, etc.  I have learned other things also such as electronics  and heating and air conditioning concepts. And these are things that I always wanted to learn thanks to the correspondence courses. These computers and the internet is truly amazing. 

So I would have to say that those qualities for me would be my testimonial - Determination, Willpower, Strive, Steadfastness, Improve the mind with constantly absorbing knowledge – those have been my testimonial.