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To: Mark Hamilton,
Mark, thank you very much for being one of my mentors; your literature has been very educating for me. Your insight into so many things [FROM READING YOUR WONDERFUL BOOKS] has helped me greatly.
With so much thanks,



Mr. Mark Hamilton,

What an inspiration to create better human beings through our secret society!
As a positive psychologist I wish to share with all of our members the practical methods to improve health and prolong an enjoyable elderly life.
I am offering you my book: “Life, My Own Creation: How to Be Happy”, which I am sure would become, with all of your wonderful books, the true way to create a successful and peaceful world, through the power of our minds.
I am now in the process of revising my book to include my last two courses: “Positive Psychology for Total Success” and “How to Lose Weight Through Positive Psychology”.

I have also been having trouble with the website. I do not have much experience using the internet, so I was wondering if there was another way that I could receive information about, and/or participate in the Neothink Society’s secret meetings.
I am very honored to be a part of this organization.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Graciela de R


I can not describe this man completely ,
He is very intelligent and even more intelligent, He is a genius really He is a genius for his great works and new ideas and evolving the new style of thinking Named neo-think, I can not emphasize enough this man right no matter How I expressed to him about
my gratitude.
Because he is a really wonderful person
Mark has discovered a lot of people And I was one of those And I have discovered in myself a lot of things after I read what was written by Mark Hamilton it is changed my mind and my mental And made me discover myself more and more And using the force inherent in the mind better , Thanks to what I have read from the works of Mark Hamilton on Neo-think tools .
Now my life has become better and go down to the best After I got rid of the mental limitations by assistance of Mark Hamilton.
Thanks God First, and I am grateful to you and very grateful to you Mr. Mark Hamilton that you given me your wonderful books, your wonderful Neo think world.


          As I started to write my testimonial, I began think of when things began to change for the better.  First, I would like to say “Thank you” to Mark Hamilton, who has written these most wonderful books, that has helped numerous people of all lifestyles.  In addition, I believe he is a great man with vision, honesty and respect for others rights.

          A few months back, I had a 10-sec miracle that had happened so fast that I almost missed it. First, I will give some personal background; I am a person who lives the simple life, taking care of my daughter and going to college to finish my degree.  The story begins as I was watching over my mother–in-law, helping her as needed.  My husband and I had moved closer to her so we could do this, while also getting back on our feet from a previously unsuccessful relocation of our family. Therefore, we were living in a R.V. close by to her doing what we could.  One day, my mother–in-law asked us to leave promptly. Caught off guard we did not know what to do, at first.  Nevertheless, studying under Mr. Hamilton, my first reaction was to figure out how we were going to move, on very little money. Setting down one-day, I was brain storming on the right course of action, when my phone rang. I answered “Hello,” and it was my girlfriend, and I begun to tell her what had happened. After telling her the events, to my surprise my girlfriend said to me, “I have a rental that just became available for rent.”  Within 10-seconds of talking to my girlfriend, we had a house.  Positively, this miracle had happened, and was a good thing. That is why I know that what Mark Hamilton is talking about does actually work.  So if you have any questions please read more testimonials, and see all the people that it has helped changed their lives for the better.

Thank you reading this story by Suzanne S


Dear Mark Hamilton:
I consider myself luckily woman when I receive the invitation to be a member of Neothink Society, so many years ago     I was very frustrated with many things around me after  I ordered and read your three wonderful books my life change dramatically, from that moment I started to see things is the way they are suppose to be,  I feel more security, happy young and positive now I know I can do be or have anything I want in my life.  MARK your literature is truly life-changing.  The Twelve Vision Party is the grass route to freedom AMERICA and the WORLD giving us the freedom to chose what is the best for our life, including science, cure for aging ,and projecting our lives which I LOVE.  Mr. Mark Hamilton you plant the seed, it’s grown you can count me
I support you until the end of this journey. I thank you of the bottom of my heart